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High-end natural motion and full-body immersion in VR

Manus Polygon is the latest in real-time software to enable fluid full-body motion within any virtual environment. The solution harnesses inverse kinematics to dynamically reproduce natural body movements via 6 data points. The IK-system generates an accurately proportioned virtual human skeleton, and seamlessly re-targets and synchronizes the users' motion to the bones of the chosen avatar. This system detects the finest nuances in human body motion resulting in truly realistic virtual characters, without the need for a motion-capture suit.

Realistic Interactions in Virtual Worlds

When a project or team collaboration in VR requires real-time sensations of natural touch and intuitive prop interactions, it’s essential to combine Polygon with the Manus Prime II Haptic gloves to fully leverage a whole body immersive experience. The Polygon and Prime II Haptics duo provides a portable and efficient solution used from any location and within any size volume. Scale up your team using Manus Connect for multi-user collaboration.

Fast Autonomous Calibration

Unique to Polygon is the Self-calibrate tool. Designed for speed and maximum ease-of-use, the quick 8-step 45-second calibration process allows the user to operate with full autonomy. Polygon ensures speedy set-up as it automatically assigns data points to corresponding trackers delivering a full-body avatar within seconds.

Any Character, Any Virtual Setting

Polygon provides a reliable and cost effective solution for creators of VR projects and global team collaborations within any given virtual environment. Virtual characters interact with greater realism and natural whole body motion, enabling participants a deeper sense of immersion and more intuitive experiences. The software supports both individuals and multiple users during various VR experiences, training and simulation sessions, and global VR team collaborations.

License Availability

Polygon is available as an annual license. The package includes: Full Manus technical support during the annual license period, latest versions and updates.

When purchased, the Polygon license key is accessed via the Manus Dongle to activate the Polygon software. Alternatively, a license key can be activated via the glove dongle.


Easy integration of Manus products is one of our top priorities. By using our plugins, seamless integration into Unity and Unreal Engine are made possible.

Manus Polygon can be used with the Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest Link, and any SteamVR compatible headset.

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