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    Bracket for MagTube

    $ 21.22

    Spare part related to your "ProTube to MagTube upgrade" or your additional controller's position. The front one is smooth and includes 2 wing screws The rear one is notched and includes 1 wing screw ...

    3 Carbon Tubes Kit

    $ 56.60

    Upgrade your VR Rifle with this 3 tubes kit.

    Cross-Starter - Pro/MagStarter Upgrade

    from $ 28.30

    This upgrade allows you to add a stock to your starter, giving you a midway between the Starter's maneuverability and the MagTube's precision thanks to the stock. You tried our...

    ForceTube (Module Only)

    from $ 423.20

    Reach a new level of immersion thanks to this VR FPS accessory. A haptic force feedback module simulating impact kicks and rumble effects. By purchasing this one you will only...

    2 Points Sling

    $ 14.15

    This sling with two attachment points will offer more comfort and stability.

    Bipod by ProTubeVR

    $ 35.00

    Extendable Legs with Spring Tension & Lockable Collar for Most Secure and Flexible Adjustments. The telescopic bipod allows you to aim without shaking. It is the ideal accessory to perfect...

    Classic Cups

    $ 27.00

    Get the cups you need for your VR Headset setup and your ProTube Rifle or your ProStarter. Sold by pair. Controllers are not included.


    $ 29.00

    Adjustable straps for Oculus Quest Rift S / 1 / 2 & HP Reverb G2 Gain comfort and secure your equipment with these straps adapted to your Oculus Touch controllers.  These adjustable straps secure...

    ProTas Base

    from $ 35.50

    This ProTas base is useful only for gamers already using our MagCups. Attach it to your chair with velcro straps or at your desk with the adhesive plate. Then put...

    ProTas Solo VR Joystick (With 1 Cups)

    $ 59.00

    Attach it to your chair with Velcro strips or at your desk with the adhesive plate. Then put yourself in your chair and be at the controls of your spaceship...

    ProTas Combo VR Joystick (With 2 Cups)

    $ 105.00

    Attach it to your chair with Velcro strips or at your desk with the adhesive plate. Then put yourself in your chair and be at the controls of your spaceship...

    ProSaber VR Staff

    $ 50.00

    The Maul style setup takes a very different approach, requires a more physical effort, and is way more challenging for gamers. Using a dual-bladed saber definitely feels more skill/technique-oriented than dual-wielding two...

    Pro/Mag-Starter VR Gunstock

    $ 50.00

    The Starter product range from ProTubeVR is probably the best way to discover our products and all the advantages of our simulators.The Starter consists of a tube on which are placed cups...

    MagTube VR Gun Stock

    $ 140.25

    Take your rifle and aim downyour enemies with the MagTube. Stability and precision increased. Improves your immersion and your K/D ratio. MagTube is a VR FPS accessory, simulating a rifle. With its...

    Forcetube Gun Stock

    $ 537.00

    Feel the battlefield withthe ForceTube haptic rifle. Each of your shots has an impact. Feel it with the recoil. A MagTube rifle completed by a ForceTube haptic back-end, connected to your game. All shots generate a...

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