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Working remotely?

Meet, work, and ideate with your teammates in your own VR office instead.

NokNok provides VR offices for remote teams to collaborate in. Each space can be branded and is equipped with familiar tools, rooms and environments mixed in with useful wizardry things. Here you can run agile meetings, hold video calls, blackboard, or just socialize with your teammates.

Think of it as your team's always-on space.

Don’t have a whiteboard for your meetings?

Don’t worry, we have a blackboard you can use.

Boards how they should be, when things were done the chalky way.
Blackboards were born for a purpose, to provide the best place a chalk can be an extension of your hand, your mind. That feeling of chalkiness is important, to truly express and be immersed in with your ideas. We offer that same feeling with our haptic feedback boards -- when you use our chalks, you will be as chalky as one can be, minus the mess. 

Need a meeting room with a presentation screen?

Just spawn one, spawn many, one for each of your team.

Each team space comes with pre built rooms, however, you can have as many different rooms as you need, each with its own configuration of blackboards, presentation screen, and agile cards. Going from room to room is easy, just use the Elevator.

Need to get somewhere?

Use the Elevator.

Entering your team’s Nok space requires you to obviously use an elevator. Going from room to room: the Elevator, entering a meeting room: the Elevator. Just punch in your meeting ID or room number.

Teammates don’t have a VR headset?

Easily Make calls outside of VR.

Easily connect with teammates that don’t have VR devices (yet). They will be able to connect using their mobile or desktop just as easily as making Zoom calls and be in the same space.

Need to draw on your files?

Bring your files into VR.

Whatever you can see on a 2D screen, Nok can do you one better. Easily send your images and pdfs to your Nok space and actually interact with them.

Need to organize your KPIs?

Trello in VR.

Create boards, link your Trello, cards will be loaded in the meeting room, organize and discuss together.

Need to have a side conversation?

Cast a Sound Isolation Bubble.

Similar to using a wand, casting sound isolation bubbles are easy, activate from your wrist or move to a soundproof space; these are clear, muted pocket environments where you can break away and have private conventions.

NokNok is perfect for:

Business & Schools

Remote Teams:
Be in the same space as your teammates by having a place to always meet, ideate, and socialize.

Easily scale NokNok to all your employees, giving each department their own space and easy access to each other.

Give a magical and functional space for your students to interact with each other and teachers.


It’s like having a magic wand. Expecto Petronum and use our blackboards to easily run live sessions with your students.

Remote Workers:
Expand your work-from-home space with live blackboards and make your Zoom calls fun.

Have your own space to just break away and whiteboard or just hangout with friends.


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