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Who are we?

Who are we?

The everything VR Marketplace.

A trusted hub dedicated to bringing you the best of VR/AR/XR headsets, devices, accessories, solutions & answers to questions.

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Our mission

Making VR/XR more accessible for everyone.

Whether you are just getting immersed or need advanced XR solutions, we are here to help every step of the way.


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Our History

From making accessories to building VR for astronauts.

We have been building for VR since 2014, in the pre-metaverse(s) years, and were instrumental in heralding an era of accessible and affordable virtual reality for everyone.

Since then, our lab has expanded to provide everything from the industry’s most advanced mixed reality headsets used to train astronauts, to professional motion capture systems optimized for human movement, to haptic devices for VR gaming, training, and simulations.

Our core has and always will be VR (both in the real world and in extended realities).


Knoxlabs VR Markeplace partners and vendors HTC Vive, Varjo, Helloreal, BoboVR, KatVR, Bhaptics, Roto, Rokid, Manus, Litho, Asterion, ProtubeVR, xSens, Movella, HP, AMVR, Icaros, Kiwi design, Omnicharge, Rebuff reality, TycoTech, Sony Pimax Logos

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Our Vision

We are excited about the future of this evolved spatial web - an amalgam built with human in mind. We are excited about this future and are actively involved in building it because we think that VR provides the medium to better share our stories as human beings.

Everyone of us has an internal sun, and that sun loves to shine, and wants to be seen and heard – the better that our tools are at enabling us to share our shine, the better and more connected as one humanity we will be. Let’s reduce the buffer from thought to finger to creation and create together.

We are here to help you!

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Got VR Questions?

Reach out to us if you have any VR related questions – We are VR experts.

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If you are exploring and need VR help – you can join or Discord or reach us here.

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VR brand/maker?

If you are a VR brand/maker and are looking for a place to show and sell your product, we will be happy to help you reach the right audience.

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For Enterprise

If you are looking for an enterprise XR solution, we can help you with advanced integrated training, simulation, hardware, and solution stacks.

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Knoxlabs team image on about page Knoxlabs log and lots of hugs by Knoxy

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