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Xsens MVN Link with MVN Link Suit - Wireless fullbody mocap system

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$ 13,730.00
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Size: MVN Link Only
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MVN Link is a comprehensive motion capture system packed with features. Sporting 18 wired sensors, a practical Lycra full-body suit, and GNSS integration, this top-tier system is geared towards precision-seeking users. Data accuracy, a broadened range of motion, and reliable GNSS support make the MVN Link ideal for motion capture. Whether used for biomechanics, animation, sports analysis or anything else, the MVN Link is a powerful and cutting-edge system.

NOTE: MVN Link Lycra Suit for use with MVN Link systems is optional

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MVN Link Suit Sizes

Xsens MVN Link Sizes

  • Superior Motion Capture: Enhance the quality and accuracy of your data with MVN Link’s 18 wired sensors.
  • Ultimate Freedom: MVN Link offers on-body recording and storage, giving you the freedom to capture motion without restrictions.
  • Enhanced Durability: Robust design capable of withstanding high-impact activities.
  • Magnetic Immunity: Capture data without interference from magnetic fields.
  • Real-time Visualization: Witness super-fast, real-time visualizations of your capture.
  • GNSS (GPS) Support: Track outdoor movements with precision.
Feature Specification
Battery Life 10 hours
Casing Rugged pelican case
Charging Charging station for battery pack
Clothing Optional full body Lycra suits
Finger Tracking Compatibility Stretchsense, Xsens Metagloves by Manus
Hardware Synchronization Optional, with an additional Awinda station
Latency 20 ms
On-body Buffering 10 minutes
Sensors 17 wired sensors (+1 prop sensor)
Update Rate 240 Hz
Wireless Communication Wi-Fi
Wireless Datalink Access point (supports multiple persons)
Wireless Range 150 m
In the Box

Xsens MVN Link Only

  • 4 x MVN Link MTx string (string: 3 x Orientation Trackers (2000 deg/s, 16g))
  • 6x MVN Link MTx Orientation Tracker (hands + feet + backup/prop)
  • 1 x MVN Link Sensor Body Pack Cable Upper-body
  • 1 x MVN Link Sensor Body Pack Cable Lower-body
  • 1 x MVN Link Y Split for prop Sensor
  • 1 x MVN Link Body Pack v2
  • 1 x MVN Link Body Pack Battery
  • 1 x MVN Link Battery Strap
  • 1 x MVN Link Battery Cable
  • 1 x MVN Link Battery Charger
  • 1 x MVN Link Access Point
  • 1 x MVN Segmometer
  • 1 x MVN Link Rugged pelican suitcase
  • 1 x Charging cable MTw

With MVN Link Suit

MVN Link Suit includes:

  • size S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • a pair of gloves,
  • a pair of footpads,
  • a pair of shorts,
  • a headband
  • and a bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jacob Kendrick
Perfect suit

I am very pleased with my order from Knox Labs. The Xsens arrived at my door safely and is in very good and working order...

Design Highlights

Ultra-small trackers

The ultra small trackers allow for rolls and stunts. The trackers are designed to withstand high impact.

Sportive design

Sportive looking motion capture suit with accompanying shorts.

On-body zippers

The zippers give easy access to all trackers for a very fast setup.



Max update rate։ 240 Hz

Wireless range։ 150 m

Battery life։ 10 hours

Wireless communication: Wi-Fi

Finger tracking: Full compatibility with Xsens Gloves by Manus

Hardware: 17 wired sensors (plus 1 prop sensor)

Clothing: Full body lycra suits (one suit is included, choose your size when ordering)

Hardware synchronization: Optional, with additional Awinda station

Charging: Charging station for battery pack

Wireless datalink: Dongle antenna (1 per person)

Latency: 20 ms

On-body buffering: 10 min

Casing: Rugged pelican case


On-Body Recording (OBR): Yes

Remote On-Body Recording (rOBR): Yes

MVN Link case with contents

MVN Link case with contents

The MVN Link System arrives in a strong, durable and watertight case. The case has wheels and an extendable handle for easy transportation. The suitcase dimensions meet the requirements for most airline hand-luggage.
The suitcase contains:
• 4 MTx String with three trackers
• 6 Motion Trackers (MTx)
• 1 Body Pack
• 1 Battery Pack
• 1 Battery charger
• 1 Access Point
• 1 Upper Body Cable
• 1 Lower Body Cable
• 1 Battery Cable
• 1 Y Cable
• 1 Segmometer
• Quick set-up sheet

You may also need

Manus Gloves for the Finger Tracking

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