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Xsens MVN Awinda - Wireless Human Motion Tracker

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The Xsens MVN Awinda is an advanced full-body motion tracking system, precisely engineered to capture natural movement with optimal accuracy. Featuring 18 wireless sensors and adjustable straps for a secure fit, it offers unparalleled portability - allowing motion capture from home and on the go. Streamlined system integration with MVN Animate, MVN Analyze, and/or MVN Processing software further enhances the user experience, unlocking ease and efficiency in motion capture.

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Use Cases
  • Animation & Entertainment: Bring characters to life with accurate motion capture data, perfect for movies, video games, and virtual reality.
  • Biomechanical Research: Analyze human movements for studies and advancements in biomechanical science.
  • Workplace Ergonomics: Ensure a safe and efficient workplace environment by studying human mechanics.
  • Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention: Monitor patient movements for therapy and prevention of future injuries.
  • Human Factor Research: Analyze human behaviors and movements in specific environments or situations.
  • Quick Setup: Adjustable straps make the setup a breeze, fitting comfortably on or under clothing.
  • Unaffected by Magnetic Fields: Mocap anywhere without worries of magnetic interference.
  • Precise Real-Time Motion Capture: Experience reliable motion capture, especially ideal for low dynamic motions.
  • Third-Party Hardware Integration: Easily connect third-party hardware like EMG, force plates, etc., using the sync station.
  • Update Rate: Up to 60 Hz
  • Wireless Range: 50 m
  • Battery Life: 6 hours
  • Communication: Radio protocol (Awinda protocol)
  • Receiver: Awinda station
  • Sensors: 17 wireless sensors (plus 1 prop sensor)
  • Charging: Charging stations designed for Awinda sensors
  • Hardware Synchronization: Integration with third-party hardware such as EMG sensors and force plates via BNC connectors.
  • Latency: 30 ms
  • On-body buffering: 30 sec
  • Clothing: Includes full body strap set with 3 Awinda shirts in sizes S, L, & XL
  • Finger Tracking: Fully compatible with Xsens Metagloves by Manus, Xsens gloves by Manus, Manus Prime II, and Stretchsense gloves.

In the Box

  • 18 x MTw Awinda Wireless Motion Tracker
  • 1 x Awinda Recording + Docking Station
  • 2 x Awinda Charging Station
  • 3 T-shirts + 1 x Full Body Strap Set
  • 1 x MVN Segmometer
  • 1 x Sturdy MVN Awinda Neoprene Case

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Design Highlights

Ultra-small trackers

The ultra small trackers allow for rolls and stunts. The trackers are designed to withstand high impact.

Sportive design

Sportive looking motion capture suit with accompanying shorts.

On-body zippers

The zippers give easy access to all trackers for a very fast setup.



Max update rate։ 60 Hz
Wireless range։ 50 m
Battery life։ 6 hours
Wireless communication: Radio protocol (Awinda protocol)
Finger tracking: Full compatibility with Xsens Gloves by Manus
Hardware: 17 wireless sensors (plus 1 prop sensor)
Clothing: Full body strap set (this includes 3 t-shirts (sizes S, L, XXL) and a strap set)
Hardware synchronization: Included, via BNC connectors
Charging: Charging stations for Awinda sensors
Wireless datalink: Awinda station (1 per person)
Latency: 30 ms
On-body buffering: 30 min
Casing: Sturdy backpack
On-Body Recording (OBR): No
Remote On-Body Recording (rOBR): No

MVN Awinda neoprene case with contents

MVN Awinda neoprene case with contents

The MVN Awinda arrives in durable neoprene case with protective frame, which contains:
• 17(+1) Wireless Motion Trackers (MTw)
• 1 Awinda Station
• 2 Awinda Chargers
• MTw full body Velcro straps, including 3 shirts, headband, footpads, 2 pairs of gloves
• 1 Segmometer
• Quick Setup sheet

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