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Weart TouchDIVER | Haptic interface for XR

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Finally, a light-weight, wireless, and fuss-free haptic interface for XR

Stop clicking, Start grasping

TouchDIVER, WEART’s haptic glove, connects the digital and physical worlds by adding the one sense that is missing: TOUCH. Live a truly immersive VR experience and touch digital objects as you would in real life.

Think of any VR/AR experience – training sessions, digital retail experiences, virtual exhibitions, or collaborative design workshops. Now, wear your VR gloves (TouchDIVER), put on your preferred VR Headset, and start interacting with the virtual world.

Haptic feedback

Forces, vibrations, and thermal cues are combined to achieve a level of realism never found before in any haptic technology, as acknowledged by all our customers

Finger Tracking & Digital Hand Model

Tracking of the user’s fingers is achieved through our novel-patent pending technology integrated in the device. This technology is coupled with a digital model of the human hand, included in our SDK.

Industrial VR Training

WEART’s TouchDIVER accelerates learning curves and redefines knowledge sharing within leading industrial organizations. Used in different contexts, our haptic gloves systematically increase trainees’ attention and care for detail.

Medical VR Training

TouchDIVER increases the realism of VR surgical training. Adopted by a top-notch medical tools manufacturer, surgeons can practice complex operations in advance and learn efficiently through natural interactions with virtual patients

Marketing Experiences

WEART’s devices increase retention rates by effectively connecting customers with the brand through the sense of touch. In fact, among our five senses, touch is the most strictly correlated with our emotions

Shopping Experiences

E-commerce and in-store digital shopping experiences are pushing for realistic interactions with virtual objects. The TouchKEY (launching soon!) is being used by international leaders in the retail sector to increase sales by accentuating the interaction and attention to their products

Remote Collaborative Design

The TouchDIVER is the perfect companion for designers, as concepts enter a superior level of realism before prototyping

VR/XR Contents for Entertainment

WEART’s devices can add a whole new dimension to gaming and entertainment content increasing emotional connection and engagement

Designed from the ground up to be Developer-friendly

Our products are natively integrated with Unity and Unreal Engine. They come with:

  • 1-to-1 connected hand model
  • Ready-to-use tactile library
  • Sample code and demos
  • Intuitive manual and documentation

Wrist Tracking

The TouchDIVER comes with a Universal Adapter hosted on the Control Unit that can be used to plug in the most commercially available controllers (HTC Vive Trackers, Oculus Controllers, etc.). It comes with a universal adapter hosted on the control unit and an HTC Vive adapter.

The adapter can be easily removed to attach markers and reach a higher level of wrist-tracking accuracy in structured environments equipped with optical tracking systems.

Flexible Software Architecture

Our software architecture is modular and multi-layered. Its core is the WEART Middleware, a background process, in charge of the communication with the device. A second layer includes the SDK enabling the integration of WEART devices into client applications.

SDK Compatibility

Our SDK is compatible with the most commercially available VR/AR platforms (Oculus, HTC, WMR). It includes a low-level API accessible by any client application, exposing a simple function to access tracking data and control haptic signals. Moreover, a developer-friendly SDK is provided for Unity and Unreal Engine, enabling the augmentation of new or existing VR/AR experiences based on drag-and-drop actions, that – depending on the need – could require no coding.

Ready in 4 steps…

for your first tactile digital experience

  • Download and Install our SDK and tools
  • Plug our USB Dongle into your laptop
  • Wear and turn on the device
  • Run one of the Demo Executables included in the SDK

for your first haptically augmented project

  • Import WEART package into your project
  • Drag and Drop our prefabs: WEART Controller and the Hand Model
  • Assign tactile properties to any GameObject in the scene
  • Start Touching

Zero Springs
Zero Wires
Zero Backpacks
Zero Invasive Tech
360° Feedback
100% Intuitive
Full Immersion
<200g Weight

In the Box

In addition to receiving a piece of breakthrough hardware technology, developers get an SDK with a wide set of tools: pre-existing textures, a demo, and documentation that will make the creative process smoother

1x Bracelet
1x Control Unit
3x Actuation points (thimbles)
2x Adapters to plug third parties controllers and trackers
1x USB Dongle
User Manuals

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Feeling hot and cold in vr is insaaane!

I tried this at the x prize avatar event, maaaan, being able to feel temperatures while gliding your hand over fire or cold fusion, makes VR VR!

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