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VIVE Eye Tracker | for VIVE Focus 3

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Take advantage of eye tracking for a heightened level of VR immersion and eye-movement analytics. The user-friendly add-on features a low-profile design, magnetic attachment, and IPD (inter-pupillary distance) adjustment.

Discover the benefits of eye tracking

  • Track and analyze eye movement, attention, and focus
    Open up a deeper analysis of user behavior. Gain insight into performance and interaction for improved training outcomes.

  • Understand intentions & improve feedback
    See what users see. Measure duration and locate direction with heat mapping and gaze tracking. Understand how users naturally interact with your product. Improve the customer journey by uncovering actionable insights about user intent.

  • Make handheld controllers optional
    Simplify input methods. Implement gaze-based menu navigation. Point, select, and zoom without controllers. Create content accessible for individuals with limited mobility.

True-to-life virtual collaboration

Boost human connections in VR
Bring realistic eye movement to virtual avatars. Show expressive, non-verbal interactions in virtual conferences, chat groups, and VIVE Sync remote meetings.

Virtual production

Add ease and quality to your production
Animate digital character faces for film, TV, and motion capture for AR and VR experiences with VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracker and VIVE Focus 3 Facial Tracker.

Foveated rendering

Allocate GPU workload, dynamically
Harness eye tracking with dynamic foveated rendering to reduce GPU load in peripheral vision and optimize performance for what's in your line of sight.

Product Features

Dual-tracking cameras
The dual-camera setup with supporting IR illuminators is capable of capturing data for gaze origin and direction, pupil size, pupil position, and eye openness.

Low-profile design with magnetic attachment
The lightweight module easily attaches magnetically to the headset without impacting the balanced ergonomics.

IPD adjustment
The adjustable IPD fits perfectly with the VIVE Focus 3 headset to help users find their viewing sweet spot.


VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracker specs

Headset compatibility VIVE Focus 3
Attachment Magnetic
Connectivity USB Type-C
Weight 54g +/- 3g

Eye tracking specs

Gaze data output frequency (binocular): 120 Hz
Accuracy: 0.5°~1.1°
Calibration: 9 points
Data output:
  • Timestamp
  • Gaze origin
  • Gaze direction
  • Pupil position
  • Pupil diameter
  • Eye openness
  • Issue detector
Interface: WAVE SDK, OpenXR support for all-in-one VR coming soon.
SDK engine compatibility: Unity, Unreal
In the Box

VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracker
Gasket Spacer
USB Type-C Cable
Quick Start Guide
Safety Guide
Warranty Card

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