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UPAD Carpet - sound reduction accessory | for KAT Walk C

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Floor protection and sound reduction accessory for KAT Walk C treadmill!

KAT Walk C dedicated accessory made from sound-absorbing non-woven fabrics. Designed to protect your floor against the damage inflicted by the heavy construction of the device, and reduce the sound generated when walking and running on the platform.


Footprint: 13.67 sq. foot / 1.27m2
Diameter: 50 inches / 1250mm
Weight: 3.3 pounds / 1.5kg
Material: Super-soft nonwoven fabric
Functions: Sound reduction, Floor protection

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ethan Andres
Never got my item, No support response

Was excited for this though was a bit expensive. I ordered some controller accessories too. Got an message saying it got delivered, but it was only the controller attachments. I waited, no other package arrived. I sent a message asking if it had been sent separately. No answers. I've tried multiple times to figure out what's going on. No response. Absolutely terrible. $100 item and no customer service.

Dan N.

Perfectly-sized for my Kat Walk C2+ treadmill. A must-have purchase if you get a Kat Walk treadmill and don't already have a large, adequate carpet or good flooring. And even then, this item will protect the surface underneath from all the weight of the machine.

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