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Ultimate Mocap Package by Manus | for Motion Capture, Virtual Production and full-body Virtual Reality

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Dive deep into the realm of advanced motion capture and virtual reality with the Ultimate Mocap Package by Manus. Comprising the exceptional Quantum Bodypack and the revolutionary Quantum Mocap Metagloves, this package promises the pinnacle of motion capture precision, covering everything from on-body motion to the finest nuances of finger movements.

The Ultimate Mocap Package is tailor-made for studios, indie developers, and educational institutions, providing an unbeatable combination for high-fidelity motion capture and a comprehensive virtual reality experience. Join the future of motion capture with Manus.


🔹 Quantum Bodypack: A standout in on-body motion capture, ensuring zero data loss and a smooth 120 fps recording. Paired with the Quantum Mocap Metagloves, it offers an unparalleled motion capture experience.

🔹 Quantum Metagloves: Experience fingertip tracking with sub-millimeter precision. Manus' Advanced Hand Solver leverages a research-based biomechanical hand model, providing true-to-life digital hand movements.

🔹 Vast Compatibility: From OptiTrack Motive 3, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Unreal Engine, Unity to the Quantum Mocap Metagloves, you’re equipped with tools compatible with industry-leading platforms.

🔹 No Subscription Costs & Free SDK: Stream to major platforms without added fees and capitalize on Manus' open SDK for customizable integrations.

🔹 Warranty & Quality: All MANUS products, including the Metagloves, come with a full 2-year warranty, ensuring they’re tested to the highest standards throughout assembly and QC processes.

  • Quantum Bodypack: 120 fps frame rate, on-board storage, WiFi 6 streaming.
  • Quantum Metagloves: Signal latency of ≤ 5ms, 120Hz sensor sample rate, 4-hour battery life, 70 grams weight, wireless range up to 15 meters.
In the Box
  • Quantum Bodypack with WiFi 6 antenna
  • Charging accessories
  • Quantum Mocap Metagloves with choice of finger attachment options
  • User manuals for both products

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