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Tactosy for Hand (1 pair)

$ 249.00

Tactosy for Hand (1 pair)

Haptic Armor for Hands with 3 vibration points for each hand

Size: Free
Weight: 220g
Battery: 3.8V, 2900mAh, 11Wh
Connection: Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE)
Machine Washable: Inner Lining Only

Comes With

  • Tactosy for Hands x 1 (pair)
  • USB Type-C Cable x 2
  • BLE Dongle x1
  • Manual x 1
  • Tracker Connecting Module x2

Battey Information
Type: Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Capacity: 3.8V, 2900mAh, 11Wh
Play Time: 18.4 hours (when all feedback points are operating for 1 sec in every 5 sec at maximum intensity)
Charging: 5V, 2A Max (takes approximately 1.5 hours)




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