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Quest 2 Starter Package | Elevate the Meta Quest 2 Experience

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Meta Quest 2 Starter Kit is a meticulously curated assortment of top-tier VR accessories expertly engineered to amplify your Quest 2 virtual reality experience! This comprehensive bundle boasts a selection of high-quality, performance-driven components tailored to enhance user comfort, extend battery life, ensure safety, promote hygiene, and boost portability while adding a touch of style to your gaming sessions. Drawing from extensive user feedback and rigorous testing, our Meta Quest 2 Starter Kit promises an unparalleled VR journey, seamlessly merging form and function with cutting-edge design to redefine the immersive world of virtual reality.


The following bundle has been curated from a catalog of over 100 Quest-related products. Through testing/general consumer feedback, we've combined the highest quality and most comfortable products into a simple bundle that aims to improve the Meta Quest 2 experience. Comfort, Battery Life, Safety, Cleanliness, Portability, and Cool Factor!

Product Description:

 The BOBOVR M2Pro Battery Strap combines ergonomic comfort with extended playtime, offering one of the most user-friendly head straps available. Doubling your battery life, this strap also serves as a counterweight for your Quest 2 headset, ensuring maximum enjoyment during your VR sessions!

• The AMVR Anti Throw Straps provide a secure grip for your controllers, perfect for Beat Saber and Gorilla Tag enthusiasts! Featuring built-in battery openings within the silicone grip covers, these knuckle straps allow for quick and easy battery replacement while keeping your controllers firmly in hand.

• The AMVR Lens Protection Cover safeguards your headset's lenses against dust, sunlight, and damage, extending the lifespan of your VR device. This practical accessory enables you to store your headset securely and efficiently.

• An Extra Thick Silicone Face Cover keeps your Quest 2 headset free from sweat and moisture while preventing light leakage. Made from durable, high-grade silicone, this face cover retains its shape and ensures cleanliness for both you and others who use the headset.

• The Knoxlabs Micro Fiber Cloth is crafted from soft, high-quality microfiber material, adept at absorbing and removing dust, oils, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt. This gentle cloth leaves no scratches, streaks, marks, or lint behind!

• And a surprise Decal for your Quest 2 headset randomly selected from 7 unique designs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kevin Greene MD
Now on a mission

currently trying to convince all my friends to buy this bundle, apart from the other niche haptic or gunstock accessories this covered all of my initial issues my friends and I would complain about.-You can add a bunch of the smaller 5 star reviews but these can be the meat and potatoes-I would also recommend you edit them as they were made in a hurry*

Bradley Young
best holiday gift of 2022!

Got it a few weeks ago but thought I'd come back and give my honest thought about the bundle package. It's honestly great, no product feels to out of line and all can work seamlessly together! My one complain would be that the bobovr strap takes a little bit to get it working, but once it was adjusted to my head it hits better than my Valve Index!

Sarah Shaw
Honestly been looking for a bundle like this...

Was always confused by the hundreds of options on Amazon and never knew what to get for my sons and his VR hobby. He would always complain about his battery life and I could never wear the VR goggles for more than a few minutes without feeling uncomfortable.
The bundle completely changed that for him and he's been recommending the products to his friends ever since!

Jeffrey Dixon
Fixed every issue I had about the headset!

It quite literally has solver every complaint I originally had or found with my Meta Quest 2, last thing I wish it had was a mobile carrying case to take it to friends houses, but it's hard to beat the $100 for the 5 products!