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Nofio Wireless Adapter for Valve Index

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The only wireless accessory for the Valve Index. Unlock the ultimate freedom with the lowest latency wireless video on the market.

Key features։ Lightweight / Hot-Swappable Battery / Low Latency

Compatibility։ Valve Index, SteamVR - Windows VR Only

NOTE: Valve Index HMD not included. This is an accessory to fit your existing Index HMD.
NOTE: requires the use of the existing Valve Index supplied power supply.


Head device Battery:

  • USB-C 30Wh
  • ~200g
  • ~2.5-3hrs
  • Support for hot swap USB

PC connections:

  • DisplayPort (Valve Index original cable)

Valve Index connections:

  • Oculink (nofio supplied cable)


  • 400g (without battery)

Wireless spec.:

  • WIFI 6E
  • 2x2 MIMO

Wireless range:

  • 5m x 5m play area
In the box

- Hot-swappable batteries (1 included)
- Head Unit
- Transmitter Unit
- DP and USB cable
- Oculink Short cable (for connection between the head unit and Index HMD)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will the range be from PC to headset? Can I play in the next room over? The advertised supported play area is 5m x 5m. In testing, we have seen ranges up to 10m. However, due to SteamVR's official support of 5m x 5m, we recommend this dimension. While WiFi6E minimizes line-of-sight issues, walls can cause interference. We advise against using this as your primary play space.

2. Will the final index adapter product use my existing cable or a new short Oculink cable? The product comes with a custom short Oculink to Oculink cable for connecting the nofio unit and the Index HMD.

3. How is the weight distribution? The head unit weighs approximately 200g, with the battery weighing the same. Despite our prototype being heavier, we've encountered no balance issues. We aim to optimize weight and balance in the final product.

4. What's the latency gonna be like? Thanks to the custom codec from IMRnext, the latency is always less than a single frame period as pixels are compressed and sent as the frame is being generated from the GPU.

5. Will it destroy my headset? No, the adapter is non-destructive. It comes with the required mounting attachments, allowing for easy installation and removal without permanent modification.

6. What are the WiFi specifications? Will I need my own WiFi Router? The WiFi operates on a 160MHz 1 channel of 2x2 MIMO on the 6GHz band. The system includes a transmitter which connects to the PC via Display Port and USB. It doesn't interfere with your home WiFi network.

7. Does it use any system resources on my PC? No. The encoding, decoding, and wireless communications are all managed by the supplied hardware, not impacting your PC's resources.

8. What resolution and refresh rates are supported? We support full resolution at 90 and 120 Hz. The experimental 144Hz setting is also available, though performance may vary beyond the 5m range.

9. Does this only support the Valve Index? Currently, yes. Our primary focus is to ensure optimal performance for one headset. We may consider other headsets after a successful Index Adapter release.

10. Does it require any additional software? Could it potentially work on Linux? A USB driver is provided, which presents our base hardware to SteamVR as a virtual HMD device. While we won't directly support Linux, we are open to community development for Linux drivers.

11. How much of an interruption will it be to swap the batteries? Does SteamVR need to restart? Battery swapping takes about 20 seconds and doesn't necessitate restarting SteamVR.

12. Can I use my own batteries? Yes. The headset requires <15W and is compatible with USB-C PD power delivery. Any 20W USB-PD battery should work. However, proprietary battery protocols like QC3.0 aren't supported.

13. Will nofio continue to provide batteries after the Kickstarter? Yes, batteries will remain available for online purchase post-Kickstarter.

14. What are the battery specifications? The battery capacity is 30Wh, offering over 2.5hrs of playtime. Using two batteries can extend playtime to over 5hrs, though the second battery might require body mounting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

There was some delays but they were real quick to get back in contact with me to get the item shipped

Kevin Cote

Ships within 10-15 days my ass. I pre-ordered mine september 2022 and still no tracking code.

Keep your money guys, this product is trash anyways.

Fyi for anyone looking at buying this

it will not ship in 10-15 days.

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