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MVN Analyze | Software for Xsens

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Whether you are an expert in biomechanics, sports science, ergonomics, health, or rehabilitation, what you want is the reliability and accuracy of your data. Meet Xsens MVN Analyze, our proprietary full-body human motion capture system.

Lab quality data in any field conditions

Xsens MVN ensures real-time, reliable, and accurate human motion analysis. Collect accurate data on the full range of human motion, in any setting, with our motion capture system. Whether it’s human motion analytics, ergonomics, biomechanics, sports science, or rehabilitation, the rugged design and proven Xsens biomechanical model and sensor fusion algorithm deliver dependable and repeatable results. Xsens’ tiny motion trackers are able to capture the smallest twitches to high dynamic movements on-body ensuring full 3D motion analysis.

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MVN Analyze Software

MVN Analyze Software

Xsens offers MVN Analyze - specialized software adjusted for human motion analysis. MVN Analyze features a scalable biomechanical model, allows up to four hardware setups, and supports different calibration routines.

MVN Analyze has three versions: Basic, Plus and Pro, covering different project needs. Its complexity and available features grow from basic to Pro

MVN Analyze offers real-time 3D animation, graphs, data streaming, and video. Its output supports joint angles, segment kinematics, segment global positions, and extensive sensor data.

The software has built-in time code and remote control plugins, handles data rates up to 158 Mb/min, and exports to formats such as ASCII (HTML), C3D, BVH, MVNX, BX, and movie containers like AVI and M4V.

MotionCloud: Cloud-Based Motion Capture Platform

MotionCloud: Cloud-Based Motion Capture Platform

MotionCloud is a scalable, cloud-based platform for motion capture that enhances Xsens MVN by providing cloud storage, processing power, and reporting tools to elevate team collaboration and motion data processing. Select from three tiers of Cloud Processing access to fit your needs.

With MotionCloud, access and process your data from anywhere, as MVN Animate users can upload data directly to the cloud and share it with colleagues for easy review and HD Reprocessing. Manage multiple files without compromising processing power, stay updated with the latest sensor fusion algorithms, and increase productivity with reduced complexity.

  • Manage multiple files without compromising processing power
  • Always the latest state in sensor fusion algorithms
  • Avoid time-consuming date crushing
  • Increase your productivity with reduced complexity
Request a Quote for Customized Solutions

Request a Quote for Customized Solutions

Enjoy the superior integrations of Xsens MVN with all major biomechanics and ergonomics packages, including:

  • D-LAB
  • C-Motion
  • Siemens Jack PLM Software
  • ViveLab Ergo
  • Dassault Systèmes
  • Unity
  • BoB - Biomechanics of Bodies
Request a quote

Request a quote

Xsens MVN is delivers validated data in all conditions and environments.

We offer smart bundles of hardware, software and cloud processing options optimized for use in research, sports science, ergonomics and rehabilitation. We can assist you in tailoring the overall package to your individual needs.

Get in contact if you need help to configure your system, or if you like to request a quote.

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The Xsens MVN product line has three hardware versions: MVN Awinda Starter, MVN Awinda and MVN Link.

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