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Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap

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$ 69.99
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Play all day in comfort with this ergonomic strap that easily adjusts to most head sizes with the turn of a dial.


Ready for action

This compact, lightweight strap reduces facial pressure and evenly distributes weight for a more comfortable fit. It also has improved durability, building on the learnings from our earlier generation of Elite Strap.


Adjusts in seconds

A twist of the adjustment dial gives you a snug and precise fit around your head, so you can move confidently whether you're battling it out or getting your sweat on. ADDED COMFORT

Longer immersion

A soft and flexible silicone support cradles the back of your head, for the most comfortable and balanced fit.

Perfect alignment

This flexible top strap adjusts to keep your headset at a comfortable position over your eyes and further disperses weight.

Seamless compatibility

Works with the Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock for effortless headset and controller charging. Also fits in Meta Quest 3 Carrying Case without having to be removed.

Compatible with Meta Quest 3
Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 240.2mm (L) x 164.5mm (W) x 101.5mm (H) Weight: 183g Form Factor: Headstrap Color: White Material: Plastic, Silicone (Rear head support), Fabric (Top Strap)
What’s included
Hard Strap Quick start guide Safety and warranty guide
Frequently asked questions
Is it compatible with the Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock?
Yes, you can use the Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock with this accessory.
What is better about this strap versus the soft strap that comes with Meta Quest 3?
The Elite Strap upgrades increase comfort and weight distribution of the headset by reducing the pressure on your face and adding more structured support. The soft and flexible silicone support cradles the back of your head, which reduces fatigue. If you are active, wear your headset for long periods of time, or want the most comfortable strap solution, we recommend the Elite Strap which is also available with a built-in rechargable battery.
How do you clean the strap?
Wipe with non-alcohol, non-abrasive antibacterial wipes or a clean, lint-free cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Samantha Thompson
Essential Comfort Upgrade for Meta Quest 3

I recently upgraded to the Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap, and it has completely transformed my VR experience. The comfort and stability it offers is a massive leap from the default strap. I've found that it's perfectly adjustable, fitting snugly and comfortably, which is essential for my long gaming sessions. It stays secure and doesn’t shift, even during the most intense moments in VR. The build quality also impresses me; it feels sturdy and long-lasting. For any Meta Quest 3 user, I believe this strap is an indispensable upgrade for a better VR experience.

Tiffany Richardson
Must have

69.99 is a eye watering price for a bit of plastic but the strap that comes with the quest 3 is terrible it compresses your head . But this omg feels so good 30 mins playing a game using this was easy it was OK to change over but its a must have if you wanna feel comfortable playing wish they would have just charged a little more and give us a choice on what strap we won't but other then the price very good and I found it very comfortable.

Michael Jefferson PhD
Feels Great, very light on your head!

Feels great, very light, can easily be adjusted via rear dial if used by someone else. It's worth the price if you want a perfect fit and ease of use.

Jennifer Knapp
Helps with the unit staying on my head.

Works well to stop the unit from moving while I fight zombies and such. Pretty comfortable. Not a great improvement over the original band, but it does help with the comfort some.

Jessica James
A good strap with a good battery at a good price.

If you are looking to upgrade from the standard strap, and who isn't, this is a solid choice. Good comfort and impressive battery life.

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