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Manus Steam VR Pro Tracker 6-Pack | Bundle for Motion Capture, Virtual Production and full-body Virtual Reality

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The Manus Pro Tracker is a professional SteamVR tracker designed specifically for Motion Capture, Virtual Production, and full-body Virtual Reality.

With the most sensors in a SteamVR tracker on the market, it offers unmatched tracking accuracy. Its precise shape is optimized for both a lightweight design and great attachment stability.

With the integrated mount, the tracker can be directly attached to Manus Prime II Series Motion Capture & Virtual Reality gloves.

For full-body tracking, the tracker can be easily attached to the comfortable and adjustable Manus strap-set. The tracker and the strap-set combined are perfect for Polygon, Manus Core’s full-body inverse kinematics solver, a convenient and cost-effective solution for Motion Capture and full-body Virtual Reality. The tracker can be attached directly to any camera through its cold shoe, as well as on props, tools, machines, and surfaces, using the 1/4” camera thread adapter and 3M adhesive tape adapter.

Through the SteamVR software integration, the tracker can be used natively in industry-standard real-time engines, such as Unreal Engine and Unity. In addition to SteamVR, the tracker can also be used through OpenVR and its OpenXR spiritual successor. Both SDKs offer unparalleled cross-platform support for high-performance devices, such as the Manus Pro Tracker.

Through the tracker’s OpenVR compatibility, you can use it for 3D Positional Aiding in Xsens MVN, together with an Xsens Motion Capture suit and Manus Prime II Xsens gloves.

The Manus Pro Tracker offers an interchangeable battery. In addition to the already great 4½ hours of real-world battery life, the battery can be replaced within seconds. The Manus charger reduces downtime to a minimum, allowing users to stay productive for as long as they need. Fully charging the battery only takes just over an hour. Eliminate downtime by charging the batteries of your trackers while you work on your project. Charge up to 6 additional batteries with the included Manus Charging Station.

Whether the tracker is used for Motion Capture, Virtual Production, or Virtual Reality, it offers creative professionals the best functionality, accuracy, and ease of use available.


Battery duration: 4,5 hrs (swappable)
Battery charging duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Charging: USB-C (5V)
Weight: 62 grams
Weight without battery: 46 grams
Mount compatibility: Manus Universal Mounting System, Cold Shoe
SteamVR tracking accuracy: Sub-millimeter
SteamVR update rate: 250Hz to 1kHz
Wired Communication: SteamVR protocol over USB-C
Wireless Communication: SteamVR protocol over 2.4 GHz
Wireless Range: Up to 25 meters
SteamVR Tracking Range: Up to 7 meters
SteamVR Tracking Volume: Up to 10×10 meters
SteamVR Base Stations Compatibility: Version 1.0 & 2.0
SteamVR Base Station Amount: 1 to 4 base stations supported, at least 2 recommended

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