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Magic Leap 2 - Most immersive enterprise AR device

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The Magic Leap 2 is a next-generation mixed reality (MR) headset engineered to transform digital interactions in the enterprise sector. With improved ergonomics and advanced technological features, it enables innovative applications across various industries, bringing digital content into the real world in an immersive and interactive manner.

Note: For the purchase of the Enterprise Edition, a valid EIN (Employer Identification Number) is required. Please note that this edition is exclusively available to U.S. registered companies.

Display: AR View with Binocular vision, offering an encompassing, realistic visual experience.
Connectivity: State-of-the-art WiFi and Bluetooth connections for seamless data exchange and peripheral device interactions.
Platform: Leverages the Magic Leap OS alongside an Open Android System, delivering robust compatibility and customizability.
Controls: Multimodal input options include Voice Commands, Eye Tracking, Hand Tracking, and Controller input, enabling an array of interaction styles.
Camera: 12.6MP resolution with 4K 30FPS Video capturing capability, allowing rich, detailed capture of the surrounding environment.
Weight: Weighing only 260 grams, it ensures comfort even during extended use.
Input: USB-C for rapid data transfer and efficient power delivery.
Battery Life: Sustained operation for up to 3.5 hours on a single charge, facilitating extended AR sessions.
Field of View: Wide 70-degree FOV offers an expansive and immersive AR experience.
CPU: Powered by an AMD Quad-core Zen2 x86 processor, it can effortlessly handle demanding applications and simulations.
Memory: Offers 256GB of internal storage and 16GB RAM to store extensive AR content and ensure smooth, lag-free performance.
Warranty: Comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for users.

Enterprise-Ready: Designed for seamless integration with a range of business applications across industries such as manufacturing, education, retail, and construction.
Immersive Experiences: High resolution and increased field of view enable immersive AR experiences.
Advanced Interactivity: Enhanced eye and hand tracking make interactions with virtual objects more natural and intuitive.
Comfortable Usage: Lightweight, ergonomic design ensures user comfort for extended periods of use.

In the box

When you receive your Magic Leap 2, you'll be presented with a meticulously designed Magic Leap 2 Carry Case. Encased within are the tools and accessories you need to embark on an unparalleled augmented reality experience. Let’s explore what's inside:

  • Headset: Pre-fitted with a Forehead Pad, Nose Pad, and Eyecups for immediate use.
  • Compute Pack: The engine driving your AR experiences.
  • Controller: Your interactive bridge to augmented reality.
  • Charging Essentials:
    • 2 USB-C Chargers
    • 2 USB-C Cables (for Compute Pack & Controller)
    • 2 Power Plug Cables
  • Fit Kit: Assorted Nose Pads and Forehead Pads. Use with the on-device Custom Fit App for a perfect fit.
  • Straps:
    • Overhead (Headset)
    • Shoulder (Compute Pack)
    • Wrist (Controller)
  • Cleaning Cloth: Keep your device pristine.
Use Cases

Manufacturing: Use AR to visualize production line workflows, provide real-time assistance, or train employees.
Retail: Engage customers with immersive, interactive shopping experiences.
Education: Create immersive learning experiences, enabling new ways of training with real-time information retrieval.
Construction: Leverage AR for better visualization, understanding, and collaboration in building information modeling (BIM) projects.

Hardware and Software - Ready for Enterprises

The Magic Leap 2 is designed to seamlessly integrate with various enterprise applications to create impactful AR solutions. Businesses can use software such as the PTC Vuforia Engine, Agora Labs, and Shape Immersive to develop enterprise AR and XR applications.


What is the Magic Leap 2?
The Magic Leap 2 is a mixed reality (MR) headset designed to bring digital content into the real world in an immersive and interactive manner.

How does Magic Leap 2 differ from its predecessor?
The Magic Leap 2 offers a higher resolution, increased field of view, and more advanced eye and hand tracking. It is also designed with a focus on enterprise applications, making it more suitable for business use.

What industries can benefit from Magic Leap 2?
The Magic Leap 2 can benefit a range of industries, including manufacturing, education, retail, and construction, among others. Its versatile features allow it to be used in a variety of applications from training and education to product visualization and customer engagement.

Where can I get support for Magic Leap 2?
Magic Leap offers comprehensive support for the Magic Leap 2 on their website, including guides, technical specifications, and troubleshooting assistance. For personalized assistance, users can reach out to the Magic Leap support team.

What are the differences between the Magic Leap 2 Base, Developer Pro, and Enterprise editions?

  1. Base Edition: This is often the standard or basic version of the product, aimed at general users. It typically includes the core features of the device but may not have all the advanced features or additional resources that are included with other versions.

  2. Developer Pro Edition: This version is usually aimed at developers who are creating applications or content for the device. It may include additional resources or tools, such as advanced development software or additional technical support, to help developers in their work.

  3. Enterprise Edition: This version is typically designed for businesses and includes features or resources that are particularly useful in an enterprise setting. It might include advanced security features, additional support, or business-oriented software.

    Note: For the purchase of the Enterprise Edition, a valid EIN (Employer Identification Number) is required. Please note that this edition is exclusively available to U.S. registered companies.

Magic Leap 2 Editions

Magic Leap 2 Basic Edition Developer Pro Edition Enterprise Edition
Commercial deployment rights
Limited Warranty 1 year 2 years 2 years¹
Magic Leap 2 Device
(Headset, Compute Pack, 6DoF Controller)
OS Version Base Enterprise Enterprise
Regular OS updates
Supported by 3rd party Mobile Device Management
6DoF controller
Hand tracking
Eye tracking
Design for extended wear
Largest FoV in its class
Dynamic Dymming™ technology
Compute Pack
Mixed reality capture and streaming
Support for Custom Start Screen and App Launcher
Support for Locked Task Mode (Kiosk Mode)
Single-user mode
On device Spatial Mapping (up to 100 m² in a single space)
AR Cloud-ready* hardware that supports:
- Shared Persistence enables synchronized spatial data across all of your devices
- Large Scale Spatial Mapping (capable up to 10,000 m in a single space) (Fall 2023)
- Larger Scale Spatial Mapping (capable up to 100,000 m in a single space) (Summer 2024)
Multi-user mode
- Local multi-user accounts on device (Summer 2023)
- Directory-managed users (e.g. Active Directory) (Winter 2023)
Enterprise app signing (Summer 2023)
Magic Leap Remote Rendering* (Summer 2023)
- OpenXR-compatible remote rendering* (Summer 2023)
- Nvidia Omniverse integration* (Fall 2023)

* Additional server-side components may be required and will be provided by Magic Leap directly

¹ In select countries. Please contact your authorized reseller.

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