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KAT Walk C Shoes

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KAT Walk C Shoe size chart:

Kat Walk C shoes size chart 

To bring users smoothly into the virtual world, we have designed our own shoes, optimized for smooth walking on the base plate of the KAT Walk C Omni-Directional Treadmill. The dedicated shoes are designed to grant the most intense and natural walking experience and offer high customization to the user's preferences. With multiple available levels of friction, the KAT Shoes 2.0 turns KAT Walk C into a perfect walking platform both for novices and VR veterans!

NOTE: You need to attach sensors to your Extra Shoes to use them with your Kat Walk C treadmill. A pair of such sensors is included in the original KAT Walk C package along with a pair of dedicated shoes. You can detach the sensors from one pair of shoes and attach them to another one. If you wish to have additional dedicated sensors for each pair of your Extra Shoes, you can purchase additional ones here.

What are the KAT Walk C Dedicated Shoes?
KAT Walk C dedicated shoes are a pair of cutting-edge footwear designed specifically for use with the world's first personal VR treadmill! In order to ensure the highest level of gait naturalness and at the same time, allow for a certain level of friction customization, we have designed the KAT Walk C dedicated shoes using a combination of high and low friction materials applied on different parts of the shoe sole depending on the requirements of the different phases of the gait cycle, and incorporated a solution allowing the user to adjust the maximum friction level to own walking habits!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great shoes, very comfy

Angel Johnson

Well, they're shoes. Haven't had any issues with the fit. Is very comfortable and I've been pretty happy with them

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