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Elevate your motion capture game with AXIS Pro – the advanced tracking system that allows you to capture even the slightest nuances of your movements. With detailed precision and accuracy, AXIS Pro is the perfect tool for professional animators, game developers, and content creators. Experience the ease and convenience of achieving outstanding results in motion capture with AXIS Pro.

Use AXIS For

Immersive VR Gaming Experience
Dive deeper than ever before into VR gaming experiences with real-time full-body input without the need for external base stations; allowing you to capture nuanced motion details of your avatar in-game.

Precise Mocap for Animation
Streamline the complex processes of your animation production with AXIS Pro’s precise and accurate motion capture, empowering you to add true-to-life movements without compromising quality.

Configurable Settings to Fit Your Needs
AXIS is designed to be modular for multiple motion capture needs, allowing developers, animators and content creators the flexibility to use as few as 4 nodes in VR mode up to the professional grade 16-node configuration – all compatible with Unity and Unreal engine.

Enhanced Precision & Accuracy

Achieve professional-grade motion capture animation made affordable with 9DoF and patent-pending absolute positioning.



Tracking Points: 16
Weight Per Node: 40g
Coverage: 360°
Precision: <1mm
Latency: <15ms
Update Rate: 60hz - 120hz
Range: 300m
Battery Life: 4 hours
Charging Time: 1.5 hours
Object Tracking: No
Interchangeable Nodes: Yes
Stand-alone use: Yes
VR Headset Compatible: Yes
Inside-out Position Tracking: Yes
Haptic Feedback: Yes
Splash Resistant: Yes

Additional Hardware Required:

  • A PCVR compatible headset and/or a mobile phone are required for certain positional tracking modes
  • A computer with Windows 10 or later to run AXIS Control Centre


In the Box

18 x Nodes
18 x Node Holders
20 x Straps*
2 x Charging Docks
2 x AXIS Dongles
2 x Phone Holders
2 x Waist Belts
1 x Y-Strap

* Consists of 8 short, 8 medium & 4 long straps

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