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AURA - Universal Illuminated Charging VR Stand | for any VR headset

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  • Changeable LED Color — With the front touch button you can change the light to red, gold, green, cyan, blue, indigo, lavender, white, and alternating color mode.

  • Minimalistic Floating Design — Add functionality without sacrificing style

  • Universally Compatible — Easily mount any standard size VR headset without hassle

  • Convenient USB A Charge Port — Quickly mount and start to charge your headset in seconds. Please note: VR device charging cable not included

Please note: This product ships with removable frosted shipping film on the top and bottom of the clear portion. Please remove this slightly opaque protective film to reveal the crystal clear acrylic

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Love the lights but doesn't charge very fast.

Love the lights but doesn't charge very fast. Also when I brought it home after being at friends house,which is where I got it I brought it home and won't turn on now...totally frustrated

Joseph Stokes
Great for showing of your VR

Does not charge the Oculus quest 2 as fast as the original and I had it plugged all night and does not reach 100% ever. Good looking, very stable, nice lights overall great. Use it now for the old Oculust Go.
Be aware you have nowhere to put your controllers so it defeats the purpose.

Keith Hughes
Great Stands!

Great stands - Very sturdy, nice looking, and also helpful as they have a USB port on the side to charge items. The color changing affect is really cool as well and really makes these ones my favorite stands I have used.

Elizabeth Wang
Most impressive Oculus Quest stand on the market.

Out of all of the Oculus Quest holding stands, this is the one that I was the most impressed with. As a chronic/intractable pain patient who uses VR as a treatment modality, I enjoyed using it as both as a docking station & a most soothing nightlight.

The first one I purchased, stopped working within just a few weeks {the power button & power on/off buttons ceased to work}, however I exchanged it for another, and I thankfully haven't experienced that issue again.

Highly recommended.

Shawn Williams
Pretty stunning really

Got this to go with my Varjo Aero headset - fits very well (no room for any controllers of course), and have had lots of nice comments about the way it looks. The lighting looks quite amazing really. Mine didn't come with any USB cables - not sure if this was expected or not, but I had one lying around to use anyway.

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