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Foam & Interface Replacement Cover | for Oculus Rift S

$ 31.00

Foam & Interface Replacement Cover | for Oculus Rift S

 A comfy, leather foam face cover replacement for the Oculus Rift S.

  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain

Prescription glasses in mind:

  • As vs the original, this replacement cover is designed with a wide groove around both sides, meaning your glasses will not be pressed onto your face while playing. 

Unique Product Design 

  • Soft brackets ensure comfortable use and ease of assembly. 

Comes with lens covers 

  • Use this to protect the Rift's lenses while not using

Product Materials:
The Facial Interface Bracket - high-end PC Plastic.
The PU Leather Foam Cover Pad - high-end PU Leather and Foam.
The Front & Rear Leather Bracket - high-end PC Plastic and PU Leather & Foam.
The VR Lens Cover - Made of premium EVA.

Packing List:
1 * Facial Interface Soft Bracket,
1 * PU Leather Foam Cover Pad,
1 * Front Leather Bracket,
1 * Rear Leather Bracket,
1 * VR Lens Cover,
1 * User's Manual




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