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Maarten Witteveen: Input & Interactions in VR, AI, Startup, Consciousness | Bend Reality Podcast #1

Maarten Witteveen: Input & Interactions in VR, AI, Startup, Consciousness | Bend Reality Podcast #1

Welcome to the latest Knox VR News, where we take deep dives in the worlds of spatial computing, VR, & all the surrounding realities. 

A Holiday special: we present the first episode of our Bend Reality Podcast, hosted by our Founder & Chief Scientist, Taron Khachatryan - where we talk with founders that bend the reality towards creating new products in the XR space.

Our first guest, whom we had the pleasure of hosting, is Maarten Witteveen, the Co-Founder and President of North America at Manus.

Manus has been building the world's leading data gloves for use in real-time VR and motion capture for years now. They have recently released the Quantum Metagloves, which moves to a new magnetic tracking approach which offers unparalleled accurate finger tracking, especially when it comes to fingertip interactions either for picking up small objects in VR or with physical objects such as props or mixed reality tools.

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In this episode, we talked about Input & Interactions in VR, how Manus is solving industry issues with consistency, AI and it's implications to our industry, Startups, Consciousness and life in-between. 

Highlights from the Episode:

  • The Genesis of Manus: How a group of friends turned a groundbreaking idea into a leading VR technology company.
  • Innovations in Hand Tracking: Exploring the cutting-edge technology behind Manus gloves and their pivotal role in VR and motion capture.
  • Challenges and Future of VR: A look at the current landscape of VR, the hurdles it faces, and the exciting directions it's headed.
  • Role Models and Inspirations: Maarten shares his personal inspirations and the figures that have influenced his journey in the tech world.
  • The Philosophical Side of VR: A dive into deeper discussions about consciousness, reality, and how VR is changing our perception of the world.

Maarten’s insights provide not just a glimpse into the workings of Manus but also reflect on the broader implications and possibilities of VR technology. From the birth of Manus to the revolutionary impact of their products, this episode is a treasure trove for anyone curious about the future of virtual reality and its intersection with human interaction.

Join us on in exploring the future of VR - Listen to the podcast on Spotify and watch the full conversation on YouTube. Stay tuned to the Knoxlabs blog for more updates and deep dives.

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