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Upgrading to Quest 3? Find Out Where to Buy the Meta Quest 3

Upgrading to Quest 3? Find Out Where to Buy the Meta Quest 3

The next generation of virtual reality is nearly upon us. Meta Quest 3, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the renowned Meta Quest 2, is set to redefine our VR experiences.

UPDATE: Meta Quest 3 Shipping Starts October 10! 

Get ready to step into the future of virtual reality. We're excited to announce that Meta Quest 3 shipments will begin on October 10. Stay tuned for an incredible VR experience!

Meta Quest 3 Shipping Starts on October 10

A New Horizon with Meta Quest 3

Meta has always been at the forefront of VR technology, and the new Quest 3 is no exception. Here's what you can expect:

  • Mixed Reality Integration: A seamless blend of the virtual and the physical.
  • Revamped Performance: With a next-gen Snapdragon chip.
  • Spectacular Visuals: Enjoy a nearly 30% leap in resolution from the Quest 2.

What's the Buzz about Quest 3?

If you're wondering "What to do with Quest 2?", here's the scoop:

  • The Quest 3 offers compatibility with the extensive Quest 2 library. So, your favorite games and experiences won't be left behind.
  • Redesigned controllers and a sleeker design make it an irresistible upgrade.

Where to Buy Meta Quest 3?

If you're raring to get your hands on the Quest 3, you've got a couple of great options:

  • Official Meta Site: You can sign up for updates and purchase details directly on Meta's official site.
  • Reserve at Knoxlabs: For those who can't wait, jump the queue and reserve your Meta Quest 3 at Knoxlab XR Marketplace for just $9.99. Plus, get exclusive access to the latest Meta Quest 3 Accessories.
Meta Quest 3 VR Headset

Meta Quest 3 VR Headset

Pre-order Now - Starting from $499.99



Whether you're a VR veteran with a Meta Quest 2 or new to the Meta ecosystem, the Meta Quest 3 promises an experience like no other. Dive into the future of VR. Your next adventure awaits.

Reserve Your Meta Quest 3:

Get ready for the next big leap in virtual and mixed reality! Reserve your Meta Quest 3 today for just $9.99 and secure your spot as one of the first to step into the future of immersive technology. The official release date will be announced at Meta Connect on September 27, and shipping will commence starting October 10.7.

Reservation Terms:

By reserving your Meta Quest 3, you agree to be charged a $9.99 deposit, which will be deducted from the official release price as announced by Meta. The remaining balance will be charged upon the product's release. This reservation ensures priority access to the Meta Quest 3, subject to availability. The $9.99 deposit is non-refundable. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

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