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Introducing SenseGlove Nova 2 and MANUS Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves

Introducing SenseGlove Nova 2 and MANUS Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves

The future of Extended Reality (XR) is being defined by leaps in haptic technology, with SenseGlove Nova 2 and MANUS Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves making significant strides. These groundbreaking innovations are reinventing the virtual space, offering immersive experiences that blend the lines between physical and digital. Let's dive into the features, technical specifications, and the potential these trailblazers bring to the XR world.

SenseGlove Nova 2: Augmenting Virtual Perception

Elevating the user experience to new heights, SenseGlove Nova 2 Haptic VR Gloves redefine human-computer interaction in the XR domain. Leveraging Active Contact Feedback, these gloves deliver palpable virtual encounters for simulations, research, and multiuser interactions.

Novel Attributes of SenseGlove Nova 2

  • Active Contact Feedback to simulate real-life tactile experiences in virtual scenarios
  • Force Feedback to emulate the perceived size and rigidity of virtual objects
  • Vibrotactile Feedback to translate digital impacts and vibrations to physical sensations
  • Finger Tracking for accurate rendition of user movements in virtual space

Technical Specifications

  • Force Feedback: Employs 4x 1 DoF passive magnetic brake force feedback modules, generating up to 20N of resistance
  • Haptic Feedback: Integrates 2x LRA haptic feedback on thumb and index fingertips, along with two points on the active strap in the palm
  • Contact Feedback: Features an active strap with 1 DoF control interacting with the user's palm
  • Finger Tracking: 6 DoF finger tracking
  • Battery Life: Approximately 3 hours of uninterrupted simulation time
  • Weight: Roughly 350g (12.3 oz) per glove

MANUS Prime 3: Harnessing Quantum AI for Realistic XR Encounters

The MANUS Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves utilize Quantum AI technology to deliver an authentic XR experience. These gloves excel in professional training environments, product design simulations, and other immersive experiences.

Innovative Aspects of MANUS Prime 3

  • Advanced Quantum AI for unrivaled hand tracking precision
  • Ultra Lightweight Integrated Vibrotactile Haptics for immersive and non-obtrusive user experience
  • Perfect Prop Handling for unhampered range of motion and magnetic interference immunity
  • Rapid and Effortless Setup, operational in under a minute
  • Extended Battery Life, facilitating up to 12 hours of non-stop usage

Technical Specifications

  • Signal Latency: ≤ 7.5 ms
  • Sensor Sample Rate: 60 Hz
  • Battery Duration: 12 hours
  • Charging Time: 3 hours (USB Type-C)
  • Finger Sensor Type: 5x 2DoF Flexible sensors and 6x 9DoF IMU’s
  • Haptic Feedback: Integrated Vibrotactile Haptics

SenseGlove Nova 2 vs MANUS Prime 3: The Future of XR at a Glance

Although both SenseGlove Nova 2 and MANUS Prime 3 are pushing the boundaries of haptic technology in the XR space, they differ in their approach.

SenseGlove Nova 2 prioritizes diverse and palpable interactions through the Active Contact Feedback and additional haptic feedback points. MANUS Prime 3, however, uses Quantum AI to ensure superior hand tracking accuracy and has a durable battery for up to 12 hours of continuous use.

The Prime 3 also excels in providing magnetic immunity, which facilitates seamless interaction with props and a lower signal latency. On the other hand, Nova 2 presents enhanced force feedback mechanisms and introduces contact feedback for a heightened sense of virtual reality.

In conclusion, both SenseGlove Nova 2 and MANUS Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves are at the forefront of XR technology. They each offer unique features and capabilities that augment user experiences in the virtual realm, making them both invaluable assets in the progression of haptic technology and extended reality.

Take your VR and XR experiences to the next level with SenseGlove Nova 2 and MANUS Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves.

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