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Tactot | Wearable Haptic Vest

$ 499.00

Tactot | Wearable Haptic Vest

The Most Advanced Full-body Haptic Suit

Tactsuit creates a new way to experience virtual reality, a physical interface between the virtual world and a user’s skin.


  • Quick Suit UpZip up, strap in and get straight into the action only in 5 seconds.
  • Total 40 Haptic Feedback PointsElaborately reproduces and delivers the feeling you experience in virtual content over your entire torso.
  • One Size Fits AllThe size is adjustable from 26 to 50 inches with strap.
  • Detachable Mesh LiningThe mesh lining can be separated and washed, or replaced with a new one*.

Battery Information

Type: Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Capacity: 3.65V, 8250mAh, 30.1Wh
Play Time: 15 hours*
*With all 40 vibration motors vibrating for 1 sec in every 10 sec at maximum intensity.
Charging: 5V, 2A Max (takes approximately 4 hours)

  • SDKs for Unreal Engine and Unity 
  • For other Engines, we provide C# AND C++
Available on backorder / Shipping starts June 25th, 2020



This viewer is certified to carry the Works with Google Cardboard badge.

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