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HelloReal SnowFox Pro - White, Black, Domino, Red | for Quest 2 & Quest Pro

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$ 54.99
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Style: All White
Hand: Right
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The HelloReal SnowFox Pro with ProSlide, a versatile VR pistol accessory designed for the Quest 2 and Quest Pro. The SnowFox Pro features an innovative ProSlide, allowing users to customize the weight and balance for a personalized VR gaming experience.

With the option to adjust the weight using easily accessible coin currency, the SnowFox Pro provides a unique and immersive experience for each player. This VR controller accessory also offers true aim accuracy, full button access, and compatibility with a wrist strap, ensuring convenience and enhanced gameplay.

SnowFox Pro includes:
- ProSlide with adjustable weight and balance feature (Coins not included)
- SnowFox V2 Grip

SnowFox Pro features:
✅ Unique adjustable weight system with ProSlide.
✅ SLIDE LOCK mechanism for secure and easy slide release.
✅ TRIGGER with two textured designs for increased immersion.
✅ Six color styles for personalization.
✅ Almost 200% the weight of SnowFox V2 when fully loaded.
✅ Full button access without the need for fasteners or additional pieces.
✅ Wrist strap compatible.


Pistol Whip | Super Hot | Hyper Dash | SwarmVR | Robo Recall | Audica

Games compatible with Snowfox Pro | Pistol Whip | Super Hot | Hyper Dash | SwarmVR | Robo Recall | Audica

The ProSlide is symmetrical by design so it works with R hand/L Hand pistol grip. 
Coins are not included (Each ProSlide has max capacity of 12 US quarters)
International versions are coming, please stay tuned. (Please reach out for the preloaded version)

- These are 3D printed hard plastics, leaving it out in extreme weather conditions such as intense heat may cause deformation in parts.
- Play responsibly and watch your play surroundings; we are not responsible for potential injuries or property damage should the attachments fly out of your hands during intense sessions.
- These are VR entertainment-based pistols. It is not advisable to perform or utilize in front of law enforcement or the general public without any consent.

Coins System for each region
Country Coin
USA Quarters
UK 10 Pence
Canada 25 cents
Australia 10 cents

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Darren Lewis

Fantastic ‼️ Made a 💩 pot load of difference in my game playing. Better emerging into the game. Very satisfied. Now to get The Q to produce more shooting galleries for us Old Timers.

William Alvarado
Great for rifle attachment too

Awesome to use. The weight and the trigger make it so much nicer when shooting zombies. Sidenote: you remove the slide and leave the frame on to use it with a rifle stock attachment.

Dr. Michael Vaughn MD
Exactly what you want to have

Exactly what you want to have - works awesomely. I love being able to weigh the gun with quarters - I guess I’m not helping the nationwide shortage :)

Tim Roberts
Very well designed

Great customer service, very well designed and feels real. A must have!

Timothy Lam
Absolute Game Changer!

Fell in love with my Snowfox Pro gun controllers as soon as I tried them on, the look and feel is amazing! It's definitely a high end 3D printed product! Fits into your hands perfectly and feels so natural when playing shooting games in VR. Also the extra weight from adding coins give you a bit more immersion and makes it feel like you're holding a real gun!

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