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HTC Vive Wireless Adapter

$ 299.00 $ 285.00

HTC Vive Wireless Adapter

  • Wireless VR for VIVE PC VR headsets

  • Powered by Intel WiGig technology with near-zero latency

  • Allows for multi-player VR in the same play space – up to 3 people in a single room-scale environment

  • Included battery allows for up to 2.5 hrs of play

  • VIVEPORT Infinity - Enjoy on-demand access to over 600 VR games and apps. Promotional code included with purchase.

  • Requires available PCIe slot

  • Note: For compatibility with VIVE Pro, you will need to purchase an additional accessory - VIVE Pro Wireless Adapter Attachment Kit

VIVE Wireless Adapter Specs

Dimensions: 7.87 x 3.81 x 1.59 inches (200x 96.65 x 40.43 mm).

Weight: 4.55 ounces (129 grams).

Battery Life: Up to 2.5 hours.

Connection Types: For VIVE: HDMI, USB, and DC. For VIVE Pro: Respective single port. For Battery: USB.

Note: Vive Wireless Adapter is experiencing compatibility issues with a small number of Ryzen chipsets. If impacted, please return the product within Amazon’s return window.



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