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    HTC Vive

    KAT Walk Mini S | New Generation VR Treadmill for Business

    $ 4,499.00

    🤗Please note that we guarantee door-to-door delivery when purchasing KAT VR products from Knoxlabs, whereas others only ship it to your corresponding country’s port. KAT Walk mini S is a second-generation Virtual...

    Lighthouse Mount Stand (2 pack) | for VR sensors

    $ 35.00

    Make any space your gaming stage The VR Sensor Stand Kit allows you to make any space your personal gaming area. With stands reaching heights of over 7 feet, and...

    Omni Mobile 12800 | Power Bank

    $ 59.99

    POCKETSIZED LAPTOP POWERWith a high powered USB-C port, the Omni Mobile 12,800 mAh is our smallest laptop power bank. With the added benefit of wireless charging, you can leave your...

    Omni Ultimate | Power Bank

    $ 375.00

    A NEW GENERATION OF PORTABLE POWERThe Omni Ultimate provides a charging experience unlike any other. Taking the best from all Omnicharge products, the Omni Ultimate brings you an unparalleled feature...

    Omni 20+ USB-C | Power Bank

    $ 185.00

    ONE PORT TO RULE THEM ALL – 100W USB-CPOWERING THE USB-C REVOLUTIONThe Omni 20c+ brings you one step closer to a world where a single port can be used to...

    MagTube VR Gun Stock

    $ 176.95

    Take your rifle and aim downyour enemies with the MagTube. Stability and precision increased. Improves your immersion and your K/D ratio. MagTube is a VR FPS accessory, simulating a rifle. With its...

    Manus Pro Tracker | for Motion Capture, Virtual Production and full-body Virtual Reality

    $ 599.00

    The Manus Pro Tracker is a professional SteamVR tracker designed specifically for Motion Capture, Virtual Production, and full-body Virtual Reality. With the most sensors in a SteamVR tracker on the market,...

    Tactsuit X16 | All-in-one

    $ 1,205.00

    Sixteen feedback points to ​level up your gaming potential​ TactSuit X16 is designed to be a strong, yet lightweight haptic vest that you can wear for hours. The short and...

    HTC VIVE Tracker (2018)

    $ 99.95

    Bring real-world objects into your virtual world with the HTC VIVE Tracker. You can also use the VIVE Tracker to add real-world objects as specially designed accessories to play your...

    Omni Mobile 25600 Pro | Power Bank

    $ 129.99

    MAXMIMUM CAPACITY LAPTOP POWERLoaded with a 25,600 mAh battery you never need to worry about being stranded without power. The 92 Wh battery is the perfect size for air-travel, and...

    VR Stand | for HTC Vive / Vive Pro

    $ 25.00

    AMVR VR Stand,VR Headset Display Holder for HTC Vive Headset or HTC Vive Pro Headset and Controllers Specially designed for HTC Vive headset and HTC Vive Pro headset. Also,VR stand...

    HTC Vive Cosmos Converter Cable

    $ 59.95

    HTC Vive Cosmos Converter Cable HTC VIVE Cosmos Converter Cable - One easy cable connects your headset to your computer. Supports "Always-on" function. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH the following products: HTC...

    HTC Vive 21 Watt Power Bank

    $ 79.95

    HTC Vive 21 Watt Power Bank Designed for "VIVE Wireless Adapter".Includes 9,750 mAh QC3.0 PowerBank, USB Type-C cable.

    HTC Vive Tracker (3.0)

    $ 129.95

    From home entertainment to professional productions and simulations, the HTC VIVE Tracker 3.0 helps you better marry the real world to virtual environments. The VIVE Tracker 3.0 can be used with the...

    ACTION | For HTC Vive owners

    $ 2,509.99

    🤗Please note that we guarantee door-to-door delivery when purchasing KAT VR products from Knoxlabs, whereas others only ship it to your corresponding country’s port. The bundle includes: KAT Walk C | First...

    Set of Oculus Adapters | for Manus Prime II

    $ 150.00

    One of the key features of the Prime II series is the easy implementation of third party hardware. The Adapters are made of a high-quality polymer making them resilient and...

    ROTO Side Tables

    $ 100.00

    Bring your HOTAS (joysticks) into 360 VR using the Roto VR Tables. Now you can take command of a space ship or fly a plane in 360 degree VR.Note: USB...

    ROTO Desktop Table

    $ 170.00

    The Roto VR Desktop supports keyboard and laptops (please close during use if playing action games with motion controllers). The non-slip surface desktop also includes padded slots (holes) for motion...

    Clamp | for VR Headset Sensors and Cameras

    $ 15.99

    Clamp your HTC Vive Base Stations or Oculus Rift sensors to your desk, door frame, or shelf with this specially designed clamp. Comes with a standard 1/4" screw and ball...

    Icaros Home | Active Virtual Reality system

    $ 2,200.00

    The home trainer of the 21st century.  It enables users to fly or dive through virtual worlds while improving fitness. Train different muscle groups with a focus on upper body...

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