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Quest 3 with Family & Friends

Both Earn a $15 Knoxlabs Gift Card for Your Meta Quest 3 Reservation

Experience the magic of VR together on the Meta Quest 3. Share your passion for virtual reality with someone you care about. Send them this link: When they join the Quest community with a reservation, both of you get a little something extra. Dive in, and let the adventures begin!

📋 How It Works:

Step 1: Fill out the fields below:

Step 2: Once your friend reserves their Meta Quest 3 through their email or account, you both are in for the benefit.

Step 3: Celebrate the mutual savings! Both of you will receive a $15 Knoxlabs gift card on your reservations, making your shared VR experience even sweeter.

Gift Card Terms:

  • Redeemable for Meta-branded and Quest 3 related upcoming accessories on Knoxlabs.
  • Non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Referral Limitation:

  • For the Referrer: A $15 Knoxlabs gift card is rewarded for the first successful referral.
  • For the Referred: A $15 Knoxlabs gift card can be received only once, irrespective of being referred multiple times or making other referrals.

Reservation and Referral Terms:

  • Reservation Deposit: To reserve the Meta Quest 3, a $9.99 deposit is required.
  • Gift Card Delivery: Once the reservation is confirmed, both the referrer and referred will receive their $15 Knoxlabs gift cards via email.
  • One-time Reward for Both Parties: Both the person who refers and the referred can each obtain the gift card only once.
  • Order Requirement: The reservation must be made from the friend's email or account specified in the referral form.
  • Non-refundable: The deposit is non-refundable, irrespective of the gift card rewards.

    Additional terms and conditions apply.
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