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Senior Backend Developer

Remote, World

Preferably C sharp
- Experience in architecting
- Experience with API development
- Experience with streams, sockets, etc technologies
- Experience with developing horizontally scalable and distributed systems
Will be working on NokNok, fun things

Unity Developer

Remote, World

- Preferably CS degree
- Preferably has worked with VR before
- Preferably Android experience
- Preferably Oculus Experience
- Good English skills
- Either US based or Europe (for time zone)
- At least 3 years experience with Unity
Will be working on NokNok, fun things

Warehouse Logistician and Customer Successfuller

LA, local

Inventory management, fulfillment and customer care. You will be working with the fulfillment team to ensure that the e-commerce store performs smoothly and will be catering to both b2c and b2b.

- Strong communication skills
- Experience with online customer care is preferable

Fulfillment Center Teammate

LA, local

E-commerce fulfillment, inventory management. Will also be responsible for implementing warehouse CRM to manage multiple clients.

- Experience with Shipstation
- Preferably experience with Logiwa or other Warehouse CRM

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