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Varjo: Revolutionizing the Way We Experience VR/XR

Varjo: Revolutionizing the Way We Experience VR/XR

Virtual and augmented reality technologies have come a long way in recent years, with advanced headsets and software now allowing for highly immersive experiences. One company that has taken this to the next level is Varjo, a Finnish startup that is changing the game with its human-eye resolution VR/XR headsets.

Varjo's products offer a level of visual clarity and accuracy that was previously unattainable, making it possible to experience virtual and augmented reality in a way that feels truly lifelike. With a range of use cases across industries such as research, training and simulation, design and engineering, and medical fields, Varjo is transforming the way we approach these areas.

Introducing Varjo's Advanced VR/XR Headsets

Varjo offers a range of advanced VR/XR headsets, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Let's take a closer look at some of their top products:

Varjo Aero:

The Aero is the entry model for the high-end lineup. Even though it’s what would be designated as the base model, there is nothing basic about this headset. It offers a generation leap in visual fidelity, stunning dual mini-LED displays, and an optical design years ahead of anything on the market: the Aero is the lightest and brightest VR headset available right now, aimed at both professionals and gaming. 

It has a resolution of over 35 pixels per degree and the world’s most advanced built-in eye tracking at 200Hz. This comes packed with an automatic, mechanical interpupillary distance adjustment that always delivers the best possible visual quality for each user. It’s powered by dual mini-LED displays with 2880 x 2720 pixels per eye, 115° degree field of view, and brightness calibrated at 150 NIT; highest in class. It's designed both for professional and recreation use in industries such as gaming, aerospace, defense, and architecture, where precision and accuracy are crucial. It offers all these features for a fraction of the cost as it’s more advanced compatriots, the VR3 and XR3. It is is pound for pound the best available VR headset for under $2,000. This is the headset you want as entry-point to get a glimpse of what the most advanced the market has to offer; what Apple is going to be targeting and aspiring towards with their VR devices. Get this if you want to enter the business class of VR.


Varjo Aero

Varjo Aero

  • Industry-leading resolution of 4K per eye with integrated eye tracking
  • Lightweight and comfortable design for extended use
  • Compatible with a wide range of professional applications, including design and simulation
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Varjo VR-3:

The VR-3 is a step up from the Aero with the industry’s highest resolution (over 70 ppd) and the widest field of view (115 degrees) full frame Bionic Display display. Top this off with a built-in Ultraleap hand tracking system and you get precision and clarity all-in-one. The Bionic display provides human-eye resolution, enabling you to read even the smallest details with crystal-clear accuracy in virtual environments. And the Ultraleap Gemini enables you to precisely capture natural hand movements. It also boasts automatic IPD, 90 Hz frame rate and custom lenses that reduce eye strain and simulator sickness. It's ideal for use in industries such as research, architecture, engineering, and product design, where visual clarity and accuracy are essential. This is most advanced VR headset on the market right now.


Varjo VR-3

Varjo VR-3

  • Unmatched visual clarity with Varjo's Bionic Display technology
  • Industry-leading eye tracking technology for enhanced immersion and interactivity
  • Compatible with a wide range of professional applications, including simulation, training, and research
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Varjo XR-3:

The XR-3 is the most advanced XR headset available today, it delivers the most immersive mixed reality experience ever constructed, featuring photorealistic visual fidelity across the widest field of view of any XR headset. It’s jam-packed with every type of feature and sensors, including LiDAR for pixel-perfect real time occlusion and 3D world reconstruction. This is true depth awareness, enabling real and virtual elements to blend together naturally. It has inside out tracking and the best passthrough cameras on any headset (12-megapixel video pass-through). It features the full frame Bionic display with human eye resolution found in the VR3 and foveated rendering, meaning that the displays shows what the user is directly looking at in full resolution. Similar to how the human eye works. You can also utilize the eye tracking data for sophisticated training analysis or research purposes. This makes it possible to experience virtual and augmented reality with an unparalleled level of realism, and it's well-suited for industries such as automotive, aviation, and architecture. This is the most advanced augmented and virtual reality headset. Period. Get this if you are training to be an astronaut.


Varjo XR-3

Varjo XR-3

  • Seamless integration of virtual and mixed reality with passthrough cameras for real-world vision
  • Industry-leading resolution of 4K per eye with Varjo's Bionic Display technology
  • Comprehensive eye tracking technology for enhanced immersion and interactivity in both virtual and real worlds.
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Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition:

The XR-3 Focal Edition offers even greater visual precision for mixed reality use cases where seeing small text and illustrations on physical instruments is mission-critical. It's ideal for industries such as aviation and defense, where accurate visualizations of instruments and controls can be a matter of life or death. Optimized hardware and software for seeing, and TAA/BAA security compliant with non RF ability. Get this if you have an F-22 training facility.

Varjo Subscriptions: The Key to Continuous Improvement

In addition to its advanced VR/XR headsets, Varjo also offers a range of subscription services that enable users to benefit from continuous software improvements and premium business support. The Varjo Subscription is a continuous license for Varjo software and business services, and it's required to use Varjo VR-3 and XR-3 headsets and software.

The Varjo Subscription provides users with access to Varjo's proprietary XR/VR software, which continuously unlocks new capabilities for their human-eye resolution headsets. It also includes commercial licenses for Varjo's integrated eye tracking and Ultraleap Gemini hand tracking, covering all professional use cases. Users can manage their Varjo subscriptions flexibly through the Varjo Account portal, which offers online access to customer support and service management.


Varjo's advanced VR/XR headsets, the Varjo Aero, Varjo VR-3, Varjo XR-3, and XR-3 Focal Edition offer unparalleled visual fidelity and performance, making them the go-to choice for a wide range of industries, including research, training, simulation, design, and medical fields. Moreover, Varjo's subscription services ensure continuous access to the latest software updates and premium business support, enabling organizations to stay ahead of the competition.

As a proud reseller of Varjo products, Knoxlabs VR Marketplace provides access to these groundbreaking technologies to customers in North America and around the world. Whether you're a professional in need of high-performance VR/XR equipment or an enterprise seeking cutting-edge solutions for your specific use cases, Varjo's advanced headsets and subscription services, together with Knoxlabs' expertise and support, can help take your organization's operations to the immersive level.

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