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VR Gun Stock Guide - The Essentials

VR gun stocks are amazing. They make games much more physically demanding, immersive, and realistic. As a bonus, these stocks can considerably improve your aim and give you a substantial edge over your enemies. The mentioned vastly depends on the caliber (type) of your VR rifle stock. Other factors such as setting/gun calibration match and the specific game you're playing also matter.

Let's have a sneak-peek into ProTubeVR's ForceTube Rifle and PlayStation's VR Aim controller.

Virtual Reality Gun Stocks?

Let's go simple - a VR rifle stock or VR gun stock is an accessory for your VR adventures that firmly holds your controllers in place. The resulting near-reality gun simulates the rifle foregrip and pistol grip. These accessories are not required and are optional for playing shooter games.

Well, if I don't need one, why bother?

In VR shooter simulators like Contractor$ and Pavlov, players can't relax their arms and keep a steady aim. Mimicking holding a rifle comes with its own set of difficulties.

Of course, many people are absolutely okay with using controllers as gun components, but in reality, it feels pretty clunky, and keeping a steady aim is challenging. VR rifle stocks substantially improve your capabilities of aiming down sights while making games both more competitive, immersive, and enjoyable.

VR Gun Stock Blueprint

The blueprint actually varies from company to company, and many implement innovative designs, but generally, a VR Gun Stock has: 

  • A stock for added stability that can be placed against your shoulder 
  • Two spots for mounting each VR controller
  • An optional strap to hoist the item over your shoulders

It is quite important that the position of the controllers mounted on your stock do not obstruct the headset's view of the controllers. 

Since most VR shooters require players to reload their weapons manually, the controllers must be in a position that can be easily removed from and put back into place when required. 

Let's go cheap: the PSVR Aim Controller

As the header suggests, the device is relatively cheap, and you can find it in the $50 range (-+20) on used marketplaces. It is important to note that it has become increasingly hard to find one as time progresses; prices might go up. 

(Source - VRFocus)

Rifle stocks for the Valve, HTC, and Oculus headsets are, in their essence, quite simple mounts in which you place your VR controllers. On the other hand, the PSVR aim controller has a special built-in movement controller located at the barrel. 

Is it worth it?

The PSVR Gun Stock is a massive improvement from the traditional DualShock controllers, but unfortunately, the design is off the mark and completely misses the visual apparel of a VR gun stock. 

There are various reasons that VR enthusiasts like yourself would like to get a rifle stock, including to improve aim and comfort. However, the PSVR Gun Stock does not even have an actual stock that you can place against your body. The experience is quite dissimilar to an immersive VR experience and rather offers an arcade game experience (remember your baby steps!) since you hold the device mid-air in front of you. 

If you already own a PSVR, you can consider getting this Aim Controller since it is pretty cheap. But if you aren't into hardcore shooter games on the PSVR, don't even bother. 

The MagTube Rifle and ForceTube VR Haptic Gun Stock

Disregarding the PlayStation VR Aim Controller, the MagTube Rifle and ForceTube VR Haptic Gun Stock by ProTubeVR are arguably some of the best virtual reality gun stocks currently available on the mass market. 

The ForceTube comes with an innovative design that lets you fully customize it. A single Allen key is required to adjust the length of the tubes and stir the controller mounts backward and forward. This feature offers the possibility of adjusting your stock to match your favorite guns in your most beloved games. 

(Source - ProTubeVR)

As we noted a few paragraphs up, your VR gun stock must allow free detachment and attachment of controllers. The ForceTube does precisely that, provides magnetic mounts that will enable controller removal with minimal effort, and you can easily snap it back with a satisfactory click. 

A shoulder strap is also included for additional safety and stability. 

Let's talk a bit about Haptic Feedback. 

What makes the ForceTube special and pricier than other models currently offered in the market is the haptic feedback feature - you feel every shot. What's even better is that you can set it up with virtually most games out there on the Oculus Quest and PCVR. 

Undoubtedly the haptic feedback and stellar design of the ForceTube gun stock make it one of the best options out there for an immersive virtual reality shooting experience. 

MagTube Rifle

This VR gun stock includes everything the ForceTube has besides the haptic feedback feature. Basically, you get the same fantastic feel and stability you get with the ForceTube, but you don't get the haptic feedback. 

MagTubeVR Rifle Review

The MagTube Rifle is arguably the best for those who are not looking to spend too much on a VR gun stock. Also, if you play prolonged games, your body might not like the fact that it's constantly experiencing recoil. 


Luckily the ProTubeVR company has built their accessories compatible with almost every virtual reality headset out there. 

The accessories support:

  • PSVR
  • Oculus Quest
  • Oculus Quest 2
  • Oculus Rift CV1
  • HP Reverb G2
  • Generic Windows Mixed Reality
  • HTC Vive
  • Samsung Odyssey
  • Valve Index

This brief guide was created to offer you a glimpse into VR accessories that can make your experiences in virtual reality much more immersive and rewarding. 

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