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ZyberVR Golf Club Handle for Quest 2 - VR Controller Accessory

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Swing like a pro and experience the excitement of virtual golf with the ZyberVR Golf Club Handle for Quest 2, the ultimate VR accessory for golf enthusiasts. Designed to enhance your VR golf gameplay, this VR controller accessory brings you closer to the action and makes VR golf games more realistic and engaging.

  • Realistic Golfing Sensation: The ZyberVR Golf Club Handle replicates the weight and feel of a real golf club, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite VR golf games.
  • Ace Compatibility: Perfectly designed for the Quest 2 VR headset, this VR accessory is pre-set for use with popular VR golf games such as Golf+ and exVRience Golf Club.
  • Birdie-Worthy Design: Easy assembly with a quick-release button for locking and releasing the handle, compatible with both left and right controllers without blocking signals.
  • Eagle-Level Durability: Made from premium aircraft aluminum, featuring a shock-resistant iron core and a double lock in the joint part for enhanced durability.
  • Pro Silicone Cover: Non-slip and stain-resistant material for a realistic, natural swinging sensation that feels like a real golf club.
  • Fore-tastic Accessories: Includes arm and wrist bands for secure and enjoyable training sessions.

Material: Aircraft aluminum and silicone
Weight: 12.8oz/362g
Compatibility: Quest 2 VR headset
Included Accessories: Arm Band, Wrist Band, Silicone Controller Shells, Cable Ties, Wall Mount

VR Golf Games Compatibility

Take your swing to the next level with the ZyberVR Golf Club Handle, designed to elevate your gameplay in popular VR golf games such as Golf+ and exVRience Golf Club. Experience a truly immersive and realistic golfing experience with this must-have VR accessory.

In the box

1x Golf Club Handle
1x Left Controller Socket
1x Left Buckle
1x Right Controller Socket
1x Right Buckle
1x Arm Band
1x Wrist Band
2x Silicone Controller Shell
2x Cable Ties
1x Wall Mount

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