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VR Ears | Cross-Platform Compatible Audio Solution

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To Hear Off World, You Need to Listen Off Ear

VR Ears fundamentally transforms the VR audio experience, a new world of sound awaits you

Cross-Platform Compatible, Future-Proofed
VR Ears has developed an audio experience that is nearly on par with sound in the real world, while display optics may need time to catch up. VR Ears is ready for that future

VR Ears During VR Gaming
Modern video game engines and VR applications utilize advanced 3D spatial audio algorithms that deliver sound in L/R stereo channels. VR Ears delivers this audio experience to players in the most natural way possible.

VR Ears for 360 Video Streaming
VR Ears gives you the full feeling of off-ear surround sound speakers, even as you move your head and body, especially immersive in videos using binaural audio.

IN-EAR: Annoying for Long Game Sessions
Invasive and uncomfortable, zero use of outer ear for sound, easily clogged with ear wax.

OVER-EAR: Hot and Sweaty
Hot and annoying, outer ear constricted and not able to deliver positional sound naturally.

OFF-EAR: Unlimited Comfort
Play as long as you want with little to no ear fatigue or discomfort.

OFF-EAR = True Sense of Positional Sound Direction
Before sound enters your ears, it bounces around all the flesh on the outer ear(pinna). This biological structure is in fact a large part of what helps you to perceive the sound direction and contributes to the reason our ears are shaped in this strange way


Acoustic Performance:
40mm neodymium drivers
Frequency 60hz – 20,000hz
Impedance: 4Ω
SPL@1cm: 99db

Battery Power:
Playback Time: 6hrs
Charge Time: 2hrs

Works with

Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest
Oculus Rift S
PlayStation VR (PSVR)
Valve Index
PiMax 8K
VR Ears Ear Strap
Forward compatibility ongoing

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