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Varjo XR-3 (Open Box) - Mixed Reality Headset for Professionals

Original price $ 6,100.00 - Original price $ 10,595.00
Original price
$ 6,100.00
$ 6,100.00 - $ 10,595.00
Current price $ 6,100.00
Subscription: Headset Only (Open Box)
Ships within 10-15 days

Please note: this product can only be sold to an organization/business, a valid EIN/TAX ID number is required.

A valid Varjo VR subscription is required to use the device
Every XR-3 user must have a Varjo account and a valid VR subscription. Read more here.

Introducing Varjo XR-3, the only true mixed reality headset.

The Varjo XR-3 is a state-of-the-art mixed reality headset, specifically designed for professionals seeking unparalleled immersive experiences in various industries. With its photorealistic visual fidelity, extensive field of view, and advanced depth awareness, the XR-3 sets a new benchmark in mixed reality performance. The device incorporates LiDAR technology for precise real-time occlusion and 3D world reconstruction, Ultraleap hand tracking for natural and intuitive interactions, and 200 Hz eye tracking for enhanced user engagement. The ergonomic design of the Varjo XR-3 ensures optimal comfort during extended use, making it the ultimate choice for professionals in design, training, and research.

If you're an academic interested in incorporating immersive technologies in your research, education, or training efforts, consider applying for the Varjo Academic Program.

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In the Box
  • Varjo XR-3 mixed reality headset
  • 2 headset adapters
  • 2 power supply units
  • 6 power plugs, 2 of each
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Varjo reference marker
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