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Tactile Warfare with Quest 3

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Meta Quest 3 - Virtual and Mixed Reality Headset (Storage Size): 128GB
Forcetube - VR Haptic Gun Stock | for Meta Quest 3 (Buttstock): Haptic Explorer (5 joules max)
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Experience the next level of virtual engagement with the Tactile Warfare Bundle, meticulously crafted for the discerning VR warrior. This comprehensive package combines the cutting-edge Meta Quest 3 headset with state-of-the-art haptic feedback accessories, providing an unparalleled immersive experience.

bHaptics Tactsuit X40 - Haptic Vest Don the bHaptics Tactsuit X40 and feel the adrenaline of virtual combat like never before. With 40 precision vibration motors, this haptic vest syncs with your gaming encounters, translating every shot and explosion into real-time tactile feedback. Paired with audio accessories for an auditory dimension and replacement lining for hygiene, the Tactsuit X40 elevates your VR sessions to new heights of realism.

Meta Quest 3 - Virtual and Mixed Reality Headset At the heart of this bundle is the Meta Quest 3, a marvel of VR and mixed reality. Choose your ideal storage capacity with 128GB for the casual player or 512GB for the avid gamer. Its advanced processing power and crystal-clear display bridge the gap between the virtual and the real, ensuring every detail is as lifelike as it is thrilling.

Forcetube - VR Haptic Gun Stock for Meta Quest 3 Arm yourself with the Forcetube VR Haptic Gun Stock, and step into the shoes of a soldier on the front lines. Select the perfect recoil intensity to suit your gameplay - the Haptic Explorer with up to 5 joules of force for a gentler feedback or the Haptic Storm with a powerful 12 joules max for a more robust experience. Designed to integrate seamlessly with your Meta Quest 3, it completes your tactile warfare arsenal.

Prepare for an immersive combat journey where every decision, movement, and moment is felt - not just seen. Gear up with the Tactile Warfare Bundle and turn your VR gaming into a truly sensory experience.

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