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SnowFox Pro / Meta Quest 2 and 3

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Color: All White
Style: Right Hand
Region: USA

The HelloReal SnowFox Pro with ProSlide, a versatile VR pistol accessory designed for the Quest 2 and Quest Pro. The SnowFox Pro features an innovative ProSlide, allowing users to customize the weight and balance for a personalized VR gaming experience.

With the option to adjust the weight using easily accessible coin currency, the SnowFox Pro provides a unique and immersive experience for each player. This VR controller accessory also offers true aim accuracy, full button access, and compatibility with a wrist strap, ensuring convenience and enhanced gameplay.

Coins System for each region

USA UK Canada Australia
 Quarters 10 Pence 25 cents 10 cents

Buy more, Save more:

We want to save you money! So we are offering a discount if you buy a set(both hands), and shipping will be cheaper too!

Already own a SnowFox pistol?

ProSlide is fully compatible with SnowFox V1 and V2 pistol grips! We also offer standalone ProSlide for existing proud owners. 


Customizable weight and two textured triggers - for true aim accuracy and elite performance.

  • Compatible with Quest 3
  • One-of-the-kind adjustable weight system.
  • SLIDE LOCK - One-of-a-kind locking mechanism to secure the slide and easily released. (No screws or extra pieces go missing!)
  • TRIGGER - Textured trigger design for additional immersion. (Includes 2 types of triggers with different feel with the package)
  • Six color styles
  • Almost 200% weight increase from SnowFox V2 (Fully loaded)
  • True aim accuracy - designed to improve your in-gaming aiming
  • Full buttons access! (Unlike other VR Pistols, no need for fasteners, beaver tail or out of place notch to secure it. No longer have to choose between functionality and aesthetics)
  • Wrist strap friendly
Controller Compatible with SnowFox Pro Pistol
Games Pair with SnowFox Pro

Pistol Whip | Super Hot | Hyper Dash | SwarmVR | Robo Recall | Audica

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