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Portable Travel Case for Oculus Quest 2

$ 23.00

Portable Travel Case for Oculus Quest 2

Adopt Original Design
Specially designed for Oculus Quest 2. There are individual compartments for VR Gaming headset, touch controllers, and power adopter, mesh pocket holds USB cable or other small parts. There’s a VR Lens Protection Cover and a Velcro Strip in the case. VR Lens Protection Cover prevents light leakage, Velcro Strip fixes charging cable or other cables.

Enhance Protection
Durable hard outer shell and soft interior. The interior is designed with custom EVA and an elastic band. Which can protect the Oculus Quest 2 headset and accessories from bumps, impacts, drops, spatter and dust.

Compact size
The case is made of light material, you can take it to travel without any burden. It is smaller and space-saving. Dimensions: 27.5*23.5*12 cm

Equipped with double zippers and a hand strap
The zipper design is smooth and convenient. It's easy to carry, you can take it anywhere. Fashionable and unique appearance, you can show it to your friends, they will get impressed.

Color: Dark Gray
Weight: 516g
Dimensions: 27.5*23.5*12 cm (without the hand strap)
Material: EVA

Packing list:
1×AMVR Hard Case for Oculus Quest 2
1×Velcro Strip
1×VR Lens Protection Cover



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