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Absolut Deadmau5


Order your limited edition Absolut deadmau5 virtual reality cardboard headset today as the Absolut deadmau5 app launches on July 27th.

Once you download the app, the Absolut deadmau5 headset allows you to join electronic music superstar deadmau5 as he goes on an epic night out. Visit his studio, and then navigate him through a series of gameplay challenges, ending with you standing next to him in the booth as he plays his latest track, Saved.

The Absolut deadmau5 VR Viewer is the latest edition (V2) headset, please note that the Absolut deadmau5 app will not work on older (V1) headset models. It’s quick to assemble and works well with a variety of smartphones. You can also use it to check out other virtual reality content.

Please ensure you are of Legal Drinking Age in your country to purchase this headset.

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This viewer is certified to carry the Works with Google Cardboard badge.

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