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Polygon Pro Edition | Advanced Body Data Recording and Export

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Take your motion capture experience to the next level with the Polygon Pro Edition. This advanced package enables you to record and export body data directly from the MANUS Core software while providing seamless synchronization with other devices through timecode and genlock support.

The Polygon Pro Edition comes complete with a premium MANUS Strapset designed for comfort and improved tracking data accuracy. By eliminating tracker wobble and securing the trackers during your sessions, this high-quality strap set enhances your overall experience.

Enhance your motion capture experience with the Polygon Pro Edition, designed to provide advanced body data recording, export capabilities, and seamless device synchronization for a more immersive and realistic virtual reality experience.


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Polygon Pro Edition Features
  • Stream full-body data to Unity and Unreal
  • Compatible with SteamVR tracking options
  • Compatible with MANUS Gloves
  • Multi-Actor Support
  • Quick Calibration
  • Recording and Exporting
  • SMPTE Timecode & Genlock Support
  • API and Additional Plugin Support
  • Full Body Strap Set Included
  • High Precision MANUS Trackers Supported
  • MANUS Prime Gloves Optional
  • MANUS Charger + Spare Batteries

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Polygon: Free Motion Capture Software for the Metaverse

Polygon Pro Edition Motion Capture Software, offering precise full-body tracking, seamless device synchronization, and easy integration with Unity and Unreal for immersive virtual reality experiences. Shop at Knoxlabs VR Marketplace


Download the basic, fully functional version of Polygon and start creating immersive experiences right away.


User-friendly software and hardware designed to help you dive into Virtual Reality and record your physical body movements with ease.


The software streams your body data seamlessly into Unreal and Unity, enabling you to create and explore virtual full-body experiences.

Stream Directly to Unity or Unreal with Built-in Plugins

With Polygon's built-in plugins, you can effortlessly stream your movements directly to Unity or Unreal, simplifying your motion capture workflow. The software generates an accurately proportioned virtual human skeleton, seamlessly retargeting and synchronizing your motion to a chosen avatar. Polygon is compatible with SteamVR trackers and Prime X series gloves, enhancing your motion capture experience with hand and finger motion tracking.

Polygon Pro Edition, offering precise full-body tracking, seamless device synchronization, and easy integration with Unity and Unreal for immersive virtual reality experiences. Shop at Knoxlabs VR Marketplace

Upgrade to Polygon Pro for an Enhanced Experience

Polygon Pro offers an enhanced motion capture experience, with features and hardware components that improve accuracy, comfort and convenience. Record your body data directly from MANUS Core and sync your recordings with other devices using timecode and genlock support. The included MANUS Strapset eliminates tracker wobble and keeps your trackers secure during sessions, while the MANUS timecode cable enables easy timecode synchronization. Upgrade to Polygon Pro to enjoy a more precise and comfortable tracking experience for the most engaging virtual reality interactions.
Manus Polygon IK-solver software, enabling fluid full-body motion within any virtual environment. | Knoxlabs VR Marketplace | VR Headsets, VR Accessories, VR Software

Polygon Tiers Comparison

Polygon Free

The free version of Polygon lets you become your virtual avatar and livestream body data into Unreal or Unity using free plugins with the free plugins. To get started, simply register an account in the MANUS Resource Center.

Polygon Pro

Upgrade to Polygon Pro to unlock advanced features like body data recording and export directly from MANUS Core, timecode and genlock support, and improved tracking data accuracy with the MANUS Strapset. The included MANUS timecode cable enables seamless synchronization.

Polygon Elite

For the ultimate motion capture experience, choose Polygon Elite. This package includes SteamVR Pro Trackers, Prime X Series gloves, a Charging Station, and extra tracker batteries for extended sessions in the metaverse. MANUS Polygon Elite offers a complete, all-in-one solution.

Capture Full Body Motion with Polygon Free Software

Polygon's motion capture software allows you to capture your body movements and bring them into the digital realm. Compatible with Prime X Series gloves, Polygon offers an easy-to-use solution for full-body tracking in Virtual Reality.

Shape the Metaverse with Polygon Mocap Software

Polygon creates an accurately proportioned virtual human skeleton and seamlessly retargets and synchronizes your motion with a chosen avatar. The software works with SteamVR compatible trackers and Prime X Series gloves, adding hand and finger motion capture to your experience.

Simple and Accessible Full-Body Motion Capture

Using just a few SteamVR trackers on your body, Polygon makes full-body motion capture accessible and straightforward. Stream live mocap data into popular game engines like Unreal or Unity, and develop custom integrations with the freely available SDK. To get started, simply follow the step-by-step video guide.

Realistic Interactions with Virtual Objects through Full-Body Tracking VR

Polygon focuses on capturing full-body movements and translating them into the virtual world. The software and hardware ecosystem enables you to immerse yourself in VR while recording your physical movements and expressions for more realistic interactions with virtual objects.

Technical Specifications

Supported operating system: Windows 10/11

Recommended Min. System Specifications: Core i5-7500 / Ryzen 5 1600, 8GB RAM, GTX 1060 / RX 580 - 6 GB VRAM

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