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Pimax Vision 8K X SMAS (Refurbished) - VR Headset

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Refurbished: Factory Certified

Maximum Fidelity With Dual Native 4K Displays
Our new 8K X features dual native 4K displays with the highest level of image quality available today, using customized CLPL panels with an advanced RGB pixel matrix. Up to a 50% increase of subpixels causes the screen door effect to be virtually invisible when you are inside of your virtual world.

Ultra-wide 200° FOV
The standard Pimax 200°FOV (Diagonally) guarantees your immersive experience by allowing unparalleled fidelity that rivals a human’s natural vision which once experienced you will not be able to return to any other VR headset. With Pimax you’ll get a VR view without compromises.

Dual Engine Mode
With our ‘Dual Engine Mode’ technology, you can freely switch the input resolution between 2560*1440*2 pixels and a native 3840*2160*2 mode to get the output rendered in either dual upscaled 4K or dual native 4K. This allows the highest frame rates possible even with the most demanding VR software.

New Ergonomic Design with Comfort Enhancements
With our newly designed Vision comfort kit (including a face cowling, nose guard, and soft face foam) and our latest integrated modular audio strap users are able to enjoy a hassle-free VR experience with the best available visual and audio quality. The new comfort enhancements also allow for hours and hours of continuous enjoyment.

Built to Last
Our new Pimax Vision headsets have been upgraded with new material and a special damage-resistant coating. This guarantees years of worry-free uninterrupted VR experience.


HMD Specs
Size: 280.10*108.2*135.90mm
IO Connector: Headphone, USB*1, DP*1, Type C*2, Audio Jack (3.5mm), Microphone
Screen: Customized low persistence liquid(CLPL)
Resolution: 3840*2160*2
Refresh Rate: 75Hz/90Hz (Native)/ 90Hz/114Hz(Upscale)
Lens Structure: Dual Fresnel lenses
Field of view: Diagonal 200° FOV
MTP Latency: 15ms (typical)
IPD: 55mm-75mm
Button: Power Key, VOL+ Key, VOL- Key
Eye Tracking: Eye-tracking module (optional)
Hand Tracking: Gesture (optional)
Controller: Room-scale Controller (optional)
Technology: Outside-in
Sensor: SteamVR sensor
A+G+M: 9-Axis

Recommended PC Specs
OS: Windows 10
GPU: NVIDIA® RTX 2060 or above (Upscale mode), NVIDIA® RTX 2080 or above (Native mode)
CPU: lntel l5-9400 or above
RAM: 8GB or more
Output: USB2.0/3.0, DP1.2


The main difference between the Pimax Vision 8K X SMAS (Standard Modular Audio Strap) and DMAS (Deluxe Modular Audio Strap) versions of the VR headset is the audio system.

The Pimax Vision 8K X SMAS version comes with a basic audio strap that has built-in headphones, while the Pimax Vision 8K X DMAS version features an upgraded audio system that includes detachable, high-fidelity headphones that are designed to provide more immersive and realistic sound quality.

Additionally, the DMAS version also features a new strap design that is intended to provide better comfort and adjustability, as well as a built-in microphone for voice chat and other interactive features.

Other than the audio system, both versions of the Pimax Vision 8K X headset are largely the same, featuring a high-resolution display and a wide field of view that is intended to provide an immersive VR experience.

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