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Storage Case | for Oculus Quest

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Storage Case | for Oculus Quest

CASEMATIX Carry Case with Customizable Foam Compatible with Oculus Quest VR Headset and Quest Controllers - Impact Protection

  • CASEMATIX Impact Protection and Organizer Case for OCULUS QUEST and Accessories – Customizable Foam To Create Compartments to Protect Oculus VR Headset and Virtual Reality Controllers

  • Safely Travel With Oculus Quest Gaming Headset and Keep Accessories Organized - Fits Quest 128GB , 64GB, VR Controller and Charger

  • This case is easy to transport using its convenient carrying handle. Measuring 16.0" x 13.0" x 6.0" in exterior dimensions, this case is perfect for securing and protecting your VR Headset while traveling

  • Customizable Diced Foam Foam Interior to Protect from Impacts and Create Custom Compartments for Quest Virtual Reality Headset, Controllers and Charger

  • MADE in the USA - The middle layer of this case has an area that is customizable within 14” (length) by 10.75” (width) with a maximum depth of 4 inches. It is up to you to pull the foam cubes and create compartments in the orientation desired




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