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Meta Quest 3 - Virtual and Mixed Reality Headset

Original price $ 499.00 - Original price $ 649.00
Original price
$ 499.00
$ 499.00 - $ 649.00
Current price $ 499.00
Storage Size: 128GB


These Meta Quest products can be purchased for business use only. You will be asked to provide a valid company tax registration number when placing the order.

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Introducing Meta Quest 3, Meta's most advanced headset, redefining virtual and mixed reality with breakthrough Meta Reality technology on the Oculus Platform. Offering a sleeker, more comfortable form factor, and a next-gen Snapdragon chipset for lightning-fast performance, the Quest 3 is the supercharged all-in-one headset that Meta has crafted for you. Dive into 500+ titles across gaming, fitness, entertainment, and more. 

Note: These Meta Quest products can be purchased for business use only. You will be asked to provide a valid company tax registration number when placing the order.

  • Mixed Reality Integration: Transform your living spaces and immerse yourself in a blend of virtual and physical reality.
  • Enhanced Performance: More than twice the GPU processing power compared to Quest 2 with the next-gen Snapdragon chip.
  • High Resolution: A nearly 30% leap in resolution from Quest 2 for dazzling visuals.
  • Maximized Comfort: 40% slimmer design and ergonomic fit for hours of play.
  • Redesigned Controllers: Featuring TruTouch haptics for a seamless experience.
  • World's Best Content Library: Over 500 immersive titles ready on day one.
  • Platform: Oculus
  • Display: Highest resolution display with pancake optics
  • Processor: Next-generation Snapdragon chipset
  • Memory Options: 128GB or 512GB
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Quest 2 catalog
  • Controllers: Touch Plus Controllers with TruTouch haptics
  • Price: 128GB - $499.99 USD ,  512GB - $649.99

When will the Meta Quest 3 be available?
The Quest 3 will be available this fall in all countries where Meta Quest is currently supported.

What makes Quest 3 different from Quest 2?
Quest 3 offers a higher resolution, a slimmer profile, redesigned controllers, and breakthrough Meta Reality technology.

Is Quest 3 compatible with Quest 2 games and accessories?
Yes, Quest 3 is compatible with Quest 2's catalog of over 500 games, apps, and experiences.

Meta for Work

Meta for Business Solutions

Meta for Business Solutions

The Meta Quest headsets aren't just gadgets—they're powerhouses of potential. While individual users often tap into a fraction of what these devices can do, businesses seek to harness their full capabilities for very specific needs.

Mixed reality is reinventing how we learn, create, meet and build community.

Learning and Training

Learning and Training

  • Boosts efficiency and scalability
  • Improves productivity and experiences
  • Creates stronger company cultures
Creativity and Design

Creativity and Design

  • Launches seamless and immersive collaboration
  • Builds and sells a product vision
  • Accelerates design cycles to be more agile and efficient
Meetings and Collaboration

Meetings and Collaboration

  • Enables shared experiences between colleagues
  • Benefits meeting efficiency
  • Enhances productivity
Building Community

Building Community

  • Enriches company culture
  • Lowers costs and environmental impact
  • Connects executives with workforces

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Very good


I’m hoping I like it, I still haven’t received it. I ordered it a month ago but still hasn’t arrived. I wasn’t told they’re back ordered till I week later after purchasing. Customer service was nice about it but I won’t be ordering again without knowing if it’s in stock or back order.


Love it! You literally can do anything or go anywhere with this device!

Donald Hankins

Meta Quest 3 - Virtual and Mixed Reality Headset


Love it

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