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VIVE Tracker (3.0)

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From home entertainment to professional productions and simulations, the HTC VIVE Tracker 3.0 helps you better marry the real world to virtual environments. The VIVE Tracker 3.0 can be used with the human body or any physical object. For a person, just a few trackers can provide full-body tracking that can be an easier and cheaper solution when compared with traditional mo-cap setups.

  • Body tracking-track the physical presence of your entire body within the virtual environment. Capture full-body motions with as few as 3 trackers
  • Accessory tracking-enable the tracking of real-world objects to Increase the realism of your simulation or training experience
  • Data port sharing-in addition to providing power, the USB port can be used to input Controller button events
  • Steamvr tracking provides sub-millimeter accuracy for the best experience possible
  • Battery life-up to 7.5 hours of continuous use

Vive tracker offers endless possibilities as a robust, unintrusive solution for adding high-precision positional tracking to any associated real-life object. Bring objects into a virtual environment, whether it's a wrench, Camera, or your full body. It's the ideal system For virtual production, Simulations, motion capture, and more. Tracker compatibility may vary.

Customer Reviews

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Really good and expected with good tracking and is good with tracking me nothing bad about it

jason kwok

VIVE Tracker (3.0)

Easy to use and setup

Great for additional tracking.

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