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Galea - Biosensing + Spatial Computing

Original price $ 25,000.00 - Original price $ 34,000.00
Original price
$ 34,000.00
$ 25,000.00 - $ 34,000.00
Current price $ 34,000.00
Package: Galea + Varjo XR-3 + Software
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The Bridge Between Mixed Reality and Neurotechnology

Galea is a hardware and software platform that bridges spatial computing and neurotechnology. Full integration is offered with the cutting-edge Varjo XR-3 or Varjo Aero headset. The Galea Software Suite will enable you to access the full range of sensor data inside Unity, Python, and all Brainflow-supported languages.

A look inside Galea™
Whether your team is exploring the future of immersive entertainment or on the verge of discovering a scientific breakthrough, Galea combined with the Varjo Aero or XR-3 will get you the tightly time-locked data you need.

Galea™ features
Galea beta units come fully-integrated into the world-class Varjo headsets and include a cutting-edge multimodal sensor network based on nearly a decade of OpenBCI R&D.

Galea's conductive polymer active electrodes are the centerpiece of the world's most comfortable dry EEG system.


Compatible Headsets: Varjo Aero, Varjo XR-3
Scalp EEG: 8x Dry, soft-polymer, active electrodes
250hz Sampling Rate
Galea Facepad:
EMG - 4 channels
EEG - 2 channels, passive
EOG - 2 channels
EDA - 1 forehead sensor
PPG - 1 forehead sensor
250hz Sampling Rate
Image-based eye tracking: 200 Hz with sub-degree accuracy; 1-dot calibration for foveated rendering
Data Transmission: WiFi
Power Supply: 2000 mAh, USB Rechargeable Battery
Positional Tracking: SteamVR™ 2.0/1.0

Graphical User Interface: Galea GUI for data stream visualization, hardware configuration, and signal quality assessment.
Galea SDK: Raw data, signal processing, & filtering for all sensors via BrainFlow. Support for Python, C++, Java, and C# and support for Julia, Matlab, and R.
Game Engine SDK: Access all sensor data within Unity and Unreal. Includes example code and demo projects.
Varjo Base Software for Powering the Varjo Headsets. Quickly access settings, and presentation tools, and control your project in real-time.
Varjo Developer SDKs Robust access to eye tracking capabilities and data including pupilometry.

In the Box

Beta Hardware Package

  • Galea Headset (integrated w/ Varjo Aero or Varjo XR-3)
  • Replacement Parts Kit (1x) Additional Face Interface, Electrodes, Other Consumable Parts
  • VR Base Stations and Controllers (2x each)
  • Hardware Warranty (12 months)

Galea Software Suite

  • Galea Firmware
  • SDK for Raw Sensor Data, Signal Processing, & Filtering
  • Galea Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Access to future updates and features for Galea Software Suite (2 years)


  • Varjo Base Software
  • Varjo Developer SDKs
  • 1x "unlocked" XR-3 subscription seat (XR-3 Only)


  • Galea Self-Help & Documentation
  • Galea Email Support Desk

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