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FirstVR - Muscle Input Controller - the world's first muscle displacement controller

$ 250.00

The Kit comes with a headset and a controller.

The controller has a  built-in optical muscle displacement sensor (Optical Active Sensing) etc. and detects the movement of arm and hand muscles. As a result, it is a muscle input controller that allows for unprecedented interaction with virtual and augmented spaces.

Pairs with bluetooth.

Intuitive control

By winding a controller equipped with a muscle displacement sensor around the arm, movement of the arm or hand is detected from the built-in muscle displacement sensor. You can operate the VR application for smartphones intuitively, further enhancing the sense of immersion in the virtual space.

Feedback vibration that further enhances the sense of reality

The controller is equipped with a vibration motor, giving the ability for gesture-based feedback.

Weighs only 34g

Very lightweight and fits snuggly.



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