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Knox V2 - Erwin's Box Cardboard VR

$ 7.00

No virtual (un)reality cardboard box would be complete without a live cat. And no cat could be more alive inside a closed cardboard box than Erwin, Schrodinger's quantum cat. Channel your inner quantum physicist and experience immersive nondual VR with this charming viewer. Produced from the highest quality cardboard that’s made in the USA, the Erwin’s Box VR Viewer is quick to assemble and works well with a variety of smartphones.

Compatible with all smartphones

The latest Cardboard Viewer based on Google’s "The New Cardboard", unveiled at Google I/0 2015.

Like all Knoxlabs’ viewers, the Erwin’s Box VR Viewer is Google Cardboard certified, and compatible with thousands of VR apps available for both iOS and Android platforms. 

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    This viewer is certified to carry the Works with Google Cardboard badge.

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