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ACTION | For HTC Vive owners

$ 2,509.99

ACTION | For HTC Vive owners

The bundle includes:

Recommended user height:
STANDARD: 1.65m (5.41 Feet) - 1.8m (5.9 Feet) 
LARGE: 1.81m (5.91 Feet) - 1.95m (6.4 Feet)

Supported user height:
1.6m (5.25 Feet) - 1.8m (5.9 Feet)
LARGE: 1.81m (5.91 Feet) - 2m (6.56 Feet)

Supported Games: All VR games with free locomotion support
Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR, Pavlov VR, Half Life: Alyx, Boneworks, Vertigo 2, No Man's Sky, Blade & Sorcery, Borderlands 2 VR, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

All the SteamVR games with support for free locomotion are automatically compatible with KAT devices. The list of currently available games will be regularly updated

Please choose Large or Standard based on your weight and also the Shoe size from below.

Kat Walk C shoe sizes

Please Note:
⚠️ The order usually ships 60 days after purchase

⚠️ The bundle will be shipped out in 2 separate boxes:
Box 1: 
KAT Walk C | First PERSONAL VR Treadmill
Box 2: The rest of the items


Supporting Rods' Size


Subtotal: from $ 2,509.99 to $ 2,509.99

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