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Controller Skins for Oculus Rift

$ 25.00

Controller Skins for Oculus Rift

Please note: This product does not include the Oculus Touch Controllers only the skins. These skins are only compatible with the Oculus Touch v1 for the Rift, they will not fit the newer Touch v2 for the Quest/Rift-s.

  • Never Lose Grip – Our patent pending flat studded handle design ensures that you stay immersed in the VR world and that your Oculus touch stays firmly in your hand

  • Sleek Comfort Design – Premium soft touch anti-sweat silicone blends in seamlessly to your Oculus controller

  • Full Sensor Tracking – Precision cut holes within the skin and our unobstructed sensor halo design ensure that all embedded IR sensor LEDs are fully visible and register clearly

  • Easy Access – Our open button design ensures that you will easily and intuitively find the trigger or menu button you're looking for



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