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Foam Replacement | for Oculus Rift

$ 25.00

Foam Replacement | for Oculus Rift

  • Keep your oculus rift clean and sweat-proof:
    PU leather foam cover replacements enable you to wipe down your headset after use

  • Two PU cover replacements included:
    Greater comfort and increased field of view. One of the PU leathers is specially designed for use by wearers, and the frames can be stretched freely without being squeezed for a better VR experience.The soft material and size of the foam reduces pressure and marks caused by the original padding

  • One Anti-leakage nose pad include:
    It prevents light from entering the VR helmet when experiencing VR games

  • Easy to install and change between uses:
    Custom interface and foam replacements are both easy & quick to install and replace

  • Please Note:
    Includes two PU Leather Foam, one Face Interface Replaceable Plastic Frame and one Anti-leakage Nose Pad! Does not include Oculus Rift



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